“My Updo Doesn’t Look Good” – Tips And Solutions

Updo Hairstyle  - Tips And Solutions
The beginning is often the most difficult point in the process of learning new things, and you should have some faith in your skills to endure your failures. But what if your efforts are futile, and no matter what you do, your updo does not look like it should?
Taylor Swift Updos
Taylor Swift Updos

The first thing you need to know is that updos shouldn’t be made on very fresh hair, right after washing and drying. Shampoos and conditioners leave a slippery layer on the hair shaft, and that’s why it is difficult to discipline and anchor your updos made on fresh hair. Wash your hair at least a few hours or even a day before making any updo hairstyles. If you have oily hair and you cannot wait that long, use styling products like styling gels or creams, which dampen your hair and make it more manageable. Do not use all those products on the hair roots or your hair will become greasy in a blink of an eye. Hairspray is also a great finishing product to flatten and shape any fly-aways or hair strands.
When you are pinning your updo to the scalp, always try to use two bobby pins and cross them together to form the “X” shape. This “X” shape will prevent pins from falling out because one bobby pin is securing the other. Always prepare the double number of bobby pins. Use them to secure the bottom of your updo. If you have problems with hair strands sticking out of a bun, you can use French hairpins. Their design allows you to pin them right into the bun and hold the hair in the right position.

Most of the difficult updos require a lot of precision in the way your hands and fingers work during styling, and that is something you can learn only when you are practicing a lot. If you are annoyed by the fact that you cannot see the back of your head while working on an updo, you can use a second mirror, although most of the stylist doesn’t work that way, since seeing each of your movements in the opposite direction is even more confusing than doing it by feel only. Nevertheless, you should have a small handheld mirror in your purse to be able to check the condition of your hairstyle at any time.


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