Taylor Swift Hairstyles

Taylor Swift Hairstyle

 Taylor Swift Hairstyles

Taylor Alison Swift is a name that needs no introduction; she has been making moves and won praises ever since she entered the music industry at the age of fourteen. She is now 29 years old and well known for her narrative songs about her personal life. She is loved not only because of her music but also because of her beauty and style. She loves trying different kinds of hairstyles on every hit she releases, and here are some of them.

Light Blonde Hairstyle:

Taylor Swift Light Blonde Hairstyle

Taylor Swift love making a fashion statement, and here she did it very well. This hairstyle has a girly vibe on it; any woman can try it despite their age.

Taylor Swift Medium Bob Haircut:

Taylor Swift Medium Bob Haircut

Any woman with a round face and thin hair can try this hairstyle, and they will see the magic that will come out of the look. This hairstyle is the best to be tried because the fringe on the forehead will make a face look less circular.

 Taylor Swift Messy Curly Hairstyle:

 Taylor Swift Messy Curly Hairstyle

This messy curly hairstyle is something to go by when you want a casual look. This hairstyle is about creating symmetrical frontal layers that bring out the beautiful supper look. The color and the smooth strands are something that stands out in a crowd.

Taylor Swift Blonde Hairdo:

Taylor Swift Blonde Hairdo

This glamorous hairdo looks elegant, and the whole hair has been neatly taken at the back of the head to bring out the look. This hairstyle is relaxing when you need a break from long hair, and this is the way to go.

Brunette and Blonde Hairstyles:

Brunette and Blonde Hairstyles

Taylor Swift rocked these three different hairstyles fabulously, and the first one is brunette. The bang on the forehead makes the appearance amazing. The second one is brunette as well and with a fringe on the forehead. The hairstyle is long and straight, and the bangs look thick and beautiful. The third one is one of the modern hairstyles, and the curls are long to avoid looking dull.

Taylor Swift Braids and Bangs:

Taylor Swift Braids and Bangs:

This hairstyle has a messy casual look; anyone with medium length hair can rock this hairdo. The braid has been loosely tied on top and across the head to draw attention to it. This hairstyle is easy to carry y to any event or party and look gorgeous.

Braided Blonde Hairstyle:

Braided Blonde Hairstyle

This look is stunning, and it is neat and easy to walk around with, it doesn't have the stress of hair everywhere on a windy day. The hair has been cleanly put together so that no strand falls out of place.

Taylor Swift  Wavy Lob:

Taylor Swift  Wavy Lob

This wavy lob is just on another level, up there. This hairstyle has waves all over, and it makes it more amazing. Taylor Swift stylist here did a great job, and she is stunning.

Taylor Swift Long Curly Hairstyle:

Taylor Swift Long Curly Hairstyle

Taylor Swift has been rocking curly hair from the days she started her career in music. This long and curly hairstyle makes her look like a princess. The hair looks smooth and beautiful, and it is fabulous to look at.

Side Part Medium Hairstyle:

Side Part Medium Hairstyle

Side part medium hairstyle will convert the face to a sexy and hot look Taylor Swift here look sexy. Medium hair is easier to handle than long hairstyles.

Taylor Swift Casual Up-do:

Taylor Swift Casual Up-do

This casual up-do has all the hair at the back, leaving the neck bare, giving you a break from the usual long or medium hairstyles. The hairstyle has a casual and cool vibe. Taylor Swift loves blonde, and the color goes well with her skin color. The bangs on one side of the forehead complete the amazing look.

Ash-blonde Medium Hair:

Ash-blonde Medium Hair

This ash-blonde medium hairstyle is sexy. Taylor Swift rocked this hairstyle when releasing a music video, and the views were a bomb. The bangs look thick and well-styled.

Side Swept Medium Hair:

Side Swept Medium Hair

This side-swept medium hair has a girly vibe on it, and one can stand out from a crowd. The hair is silky, straight, and has a cool vibe.

Taylor Swift Shaded Hair Color:

Taylor Swift Shaded Hair Color

This hairstyle in shaded hair color, and it can enhance your beauty and the curls are something to go for when in need of a casual vibe. This particular hairstyle is a must-try.


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