Bowl Haircut

Bowl Haircut

What Is A Bowl Haircut?

What started as a goofy haircut from the 80s and 90s has now taken off as a bold fashion choice by many celebrities. A bowl haircut has the same length all over your head, giving the appearance of an upside-down bowl. 

 Over the years, many people have added their own twists to the bowl hairstyle to suit their features. If done right, a bowl haircut can be low maintenance and freeing.

Continue reading to learn more about bowl haircuts and how you can achieve the look.

Bowl Haircut Origins

The bowl haircut was popularized in the 1920s. Military personnel and the middle-class folks found this haircut to be easily manageable while doing laborious work.

The cut faded around the 1940s but was brought back to life in the 1960s. In the 1960s, the British rock band Beatles introduced a mop-version of the bowl haircut. This modern take became popular and continued influencing hairstyles until the 1990s.

How To Achieve The Bowl Haircut

The bowl haircut did not get its name just for the appearance. People have placed actual bowls upside-down on their heads to get this look! The lining of the bowl would be used as a standard length for cutting your hair.

That being said, you are not required to use a bowl for this. The following steps are given to help you achieve the bowl haircut. 

Step 1

Thoroughly brush out your hair to avoid knots. Then divide your hair into 4 equal sections. 

Step 2

Make sure to keep your hair wet. This way, it will stay stiff and plane on your head.

Step 3

Take out a quarter of an inch from the bottom ends. This is the piece you will start cutting with. Clip the rest of the hair, so it stays in place. If the hair starts to feel dry, keep spraying water on it.

Step 4

You can start cutting your hair now. While doing the front sections, use your eyebrows to measure the standard length.

You must not cut your hair more than 0.25 inches in one go. If you cut too much, fixing it later will become a problem. Always use a tail comb for combing the hair straight, so it stays plane as you cut it.

Step 5

Once you are done with the front side, you can move to the back sections. You can do a similar cutting for the back as well. Back sections can be tricky. So ask for assistance from your family or friends for this part. 

Modern Versions

Now that we know how to get the basic bowl haircut let's see how you can style it. So, we have come up with 3 styles to give an edgy look to your hairstyle.

1. Undercut Bowl Cut

With this, you rock the classic bowl haircut but with a shave. The hair is shaved from the back and the edges. It takes your look to a whole new level.

Undercut Bowl Haircut
Undercut Bowl Cut
Undercut Bowl Haircut
Undercut Bowl Cut
Undercut Bowl Haircut
Undercut Bowl Hairstyle

2. Shaggy Bowl Cut

If you do not want your hair to look too thin, this is perfect for you. Shaggy styles give your hair a messy look to bring out more volume in the bowl haircut.

Shaggy Bowl Cut
Shaggy Bowl Haircut
Shaggy Bowl Hairstyle
Shaggy Bowl cut
Shaggy Bowl cut

3. Long Bangs Bowl Cut

Long bangs are great for choppy hairstyles. It still has the essence of a bowl cut but with a sharper look. 

Bowl Cuts - Final Thoughts

Sometimes, it only takes a haircut to get you out of your shell. In such cases, a bowl haircut is the way to go. With some confidence and a vibrant attire, you can nail this hairstyle!

If you are still unsure, just visit a salon and consult with the hairstylist. They can tell you how well a bowl haircut will frame your face. As long as you are open to experimentation, you will face no problem with this cut.

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