Buzz Haircut

Buzz Haircut

What Is A Buzz Cut?

The buzz haircut is an umbrella term for all short-length cuts you get with hair clippers. The hair tapered ranges from short to medium length for a low-maintenance look.

Buzz haircut has introduced us to several hairstyles like the crew cut, butch cut, and flattop. This style endorses uniformity above all things. However, even with a simple buzz, things can get crazy with uneven lengths or trims.

Let’s take a look at how the buzz trend started and find the perfect buzz haircut for you.

Buzz Haircut Origins

In the 19th century, the world was introduced to manual hair clippers by the Serbian inventor, Nikola Bizumińá. Clippers would be used for a quick chop with precision, saving a lot of time for barbers.

It became a popular choice for places where strict grooming regulations existed. Armies would make buzz cuts mandatory for recruits.

The sharp definition that buzz haircuts give your face made it popular even amongst people outside the army.

How To Achieve The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is perfect for those not wanting to visit the salons. Nevertheless, you must take some measures to ensure the cut is well done.

Before getting a buzz haircut, get a feel of your face and head shape. You will be able to get a good idea of how well suited you are for a buzz cut. Once you are sure, we can get started with the process.

Here are the steps you need to take for a good-looking buzz hairstyle.

Step 1

You always start with dry hair. Wet hair works with scissor cuts, but not with clippers. Wet hair can cause clippers to jam. It also will be easier to track how much hair you have buzzed off.

Step 2

If you can grab a lot of hair, that means your hair is too thick for the clippers right now. Instead, start with cutting the bulk of your hair with scissors.

Step 3

You can start using the clippers if your hair is an inch long. Now play the game slow and steady. Start with #3 setting on the clipper from the top and work your way down.

Always buzz your hair against the grain so that the hair is pulled upwards. If you do it with the grain, it can fall back down without getting cut.

Step 4

Once the sides are done, you can begin doing the top. It is fine to do back and forth during the initial buzz. After the initial buzz, add a fade for some style. This can be tricky around the neck and back, so call your friends for some assistance.

Modern Versions

It may not seem like it but there are variations to this simple buzz hairstyle. Here we have a list of some of the most prominent buzz haircuts.

1. Induction Buzz Cut

This cut is also known as the military buzz cut for its specific use by army personnel. The induction buzz haircut represents extreme minimalism, leaving little to no hair on the head.

Induction Buzz Cut
Induction Buzz Haircut
Induction Buzz Hairstyle
Induction Buzz Cut
Induction Buzz Cut
Induction Buzz Cut
Induction Buzz Cut
Induction Buzz Cut

2. Crew Buzz Cut

This is less severe than the induction cut. The hair is shorter on the sides and relatively longer on the top, tapered to the back of the head. This cut is low maintenance but still has some style to it.

Crew Buzz Cut
Crew Buzz Cut
Crew Buzz Cut
Crew Buzz Haircut
Crew Buzz Cut
Crew Buzz Hairstyle

3. Brush Buzz Cut

The brush buzz hairstyle is the longest hair choice of all buzz cuts. If you want a buzz but not too extreme, this will work best for you. It gives a uniform but thick look to the buzz cut.

Buzz Cut – Final Thoughts

For those who want a freeing feeling, the buzz haircut is what you need. This minimalistic hairstyle calls for a focus on facial features instead of hair.

The cut is versatile and you do not need to worry about any styling. Just start buzzing your hair and your DIY haircut tale will become the talk of the town!


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