What’s the Best Updo for Your Face Shape?

Face Shape?
When you’re choosing the updo hairstyle for a special occasion, take into consideration not only your preferences and current trends, but first of all, your natural attributes, face shape being the most important. Not every girl is lucky enough to have an oval face. It is almost perfect face shape, and so it’s quite easy to choose the best updo to go with it: this can be almost every kind of hairdo that frames and enhances the beauty of oval face instead of covering it with bangs and hair layers. But what if you have one of the less easy to style face shapes?
Updos were made for round faces because this shape needs to lengthen a little bit, and high up buns add necessary volume to the crown of the head and make the whole head look much longer. Also, half-updos go well with round faces. If you like curls, you can pin the side sections in the back of your ears to not add any unnecessary width to your cheekbones and jaw. The same thing could be said about square faces. The only difference is that geometrical buns at the top of the head can sometimes enhance the width of your jaw, that is why you should refrain from making big and clean high buns if you have square face shape.

Heart face shape is another example of a framing, where width should be balanced by adding height to the hairstyle. Buns, as well as loops, look great when they are framing a heart face shape. Loops and bums styled above the forehead and ears will do justice to the triangular face shape, since they draw attention away from the jawline and focus on the forehead.

High updos won’t work well with face shapes, which are longer than wider, that is diamond and oblong face shape. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot wear any updo if you have one of those face shapes. You can go with a chignon and French twist, as long as you don’t plan to tease hair at the crown of the head. Beautiful cheekbones, which are the main characteristics of a diamond face shape, will be even more accentuated by half-updos pinned behind the ears. Side buns on both or just one side of the head are perfect for long faces.


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