All About Ombre - The Latest Hair Craze

All About Ombre - The Latest Hair Craze

Ombre, dip-dye, or whatever else you want to call it, there's no denying that this hairstyle is hot and getting hotter by the minute. The ombre movement first started to gain some traction in the summer of 2010, and since that time, it has exploded, gracing the heads of women everywhere. What is ombre? Mostly, it's a partial coloring where the hair changes color from top to bottom, either over a gradual transition or at an abrupt point. An ombre style can take on tons of different forms, which is one of the reasons that the cut has stayed popular for nearly nine years. Some sources are saying that ombre is on the way out, but its continued appearance on celebrities says that this trend hasn't reached its peak yet. At its most extreme, an ombre style can combine a natural hair color with an extreme one to create an attention-grabbing appearance. Such as the one seen on music sensation Jessica Ellen Cornish. The dynamic combination of black and red may not work with every outfit, but it commands respect every time the artist takes the stage. As flamboyant as Jessie J's ombre look is, there are lots of other ways that the style can stand out.
Long Ombre Hairstyle

On the other side of the scale, some of the best ombre cuts are the ones that aren't immediately noticeable. Betty Wright plays this card to perfection, with a smooth transition from her natural red to lighter blond hair at the ends. This style works well because of the sheer size and volume of Wright's hair, and the gradual change is a subtle way to incorporate the ombre technique. At the same time, long hair isn't a prerequisite, and there are plenty of examples of how ombre can fit a shorter cut, such as the following shot of Alexa Chung.
shoulder length ombre hairstyles
Chung's style takes ombre into a more hip and edgy direction. Leaving loose ends and setting up a laid-back and low maintenance appearance, which is half the beauty of the ombre movement. The whole idea behind the technique is that it's really easy to maintain. And doesn't mean that a woman will need to make constant visits to her local salon. Instead, the color will stay in place, and the hair can be fixed as normal. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind before making a switch to an ombre style.
wavy ombre hair

If you're thinking about trying on the ombre, look for a change, remember that you most likely will need to start with your natural color. With treated hair, color correction will be necessary to make sure that the tones come outright. Don't try to cover a dye-job at home and go to a professional salon to avoid some potentially ugly mistakes. As the sun comes out to play for spring and summer, go for more vibrant and bright colors and leave the ashy tones for the winter months.

At its current popularity, it appears that the ombre craze will be with us for quite some time. Why not check it out and see how it could enhance your appearance in upcoming year?

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