Lob Haircuts That Never Go Out of Style

Lob haircut
Lob haircut comes as an upgraded version of the bob. The cut and the form remain same as the bob, with only one difference - the length. That is also how this hairstyle got the name - long + bob. The lob is a frequent and popular choice among the women because it allows keeping some length to the hair while having the round form of the bob. While each hair type is different, here are some of the lob haircut ideas that never go out of style: 

Wavy Layered Lob:

Wavy Layered Lob
The beauty of the lob is best seen when it is styled in waves. whether there are soft or more intense waves, they give different definition to the lob. This is especially visible in the lob with layers. The layering is only done at the ends but the waves make it more accented. The part can come to side or in the middle.

How To Style Wavy Layered Lob Hairstyle?

Sleek Angular Lob:

The angular hairstyles are cool and edgy ones that are shorter at the back and longer at the front. When seen from a side, the line that follows the form of the hair should be equal on both the sides. The lob has the length to play with the options in terms how shorter and longer the hair should be. For this cut to stick out, it is best to wear it super sleek and parted right in the middle.

Sleek Angular Lob


Messy Lob:

The messy lob is very trendy and popular hairstyle. Its messiness adds to the volume of the look and makes the hairstyle look casual and chic. The cut can be straight or just a bit layered at the ends. The length is equal through the entire hair and the part can come in the middle or to the side. There is no miss with the messy lob and every time the hairstyle will look like a new one. 

Messy Lob

Straight Lob:

The straight lob is a common choice for many who do not want to experiment with their look. It is neat, clean, straight and sleek and the maintenance is pretty easy. This kind of lob can be worn with or without bangs, and the parting is usually in the middle, creating a nice symmetry to the head. 

Straight Lob

Lob With Bangs:

Seeing bangs on a hairstyle is always a sign that the person wearing it is very fashion oriented and has a taste. Although bangs are usually considered as a bother rather than a nice addition to the hairstyle, they can really be flattering to the look and complement the hairstyle. Bangs can come as blunt, to the side, baby bangs, curtain bangs, long bangs and they go great with the lob. To create a better texture and definition of the entire hairstyle, it is best to accent either the bangs or the form, not both. 

Lob With Bangs

Curly Lob:

Curls are always difficult to style. They tend to tangle, break and they feel heavy on the head. With the proper care and a cut, the curls can be very beautiful and provide a unique look. One of the best looks that can be achieved with medium hair is the lob haircut. Styling of this haircut should be done by dividing the hair in two equal portion and the line will come from the middle part. The curls fill fall to the sides and those up on front can be corrected to look like bangs. 

Curly Lob
Lob is a fresh and trendy haircut that looks good on all face shapes. It never goes out of style and that is why this is a signature hairstyle of many celebrities and famous people.


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