Juliana Paes Hairstyles

Juliana Paes Hairstyle

Juliana Paes Hairstyles

Juliana Paes is a forty-year-old Brazilian actress and a former model, and she s also a mother of two and a wife to Carlos Eduardo Baptista. She is a talented actress well known in the telenovelas, which she starred as the main actress. Juliana Paes love being dark with her brown hair. It helps her be in character, and when on a new hairstyle, she is more creative. Here are some of her hairstyles that she has been rocking.

Lace Front Medium Wavy Bob Haircut:

Lace Front Medium Wavy Bob Haircut

This hairstyle is one of the hottest hairstyles this year, and everyone's wish is to try it. Juliana Paes's hair looks thick, and the right way to reduce the bulk of the thickness is this Lace Front Medium Wavy Bob Cut. The hairstyle is bouncy and airy, making it easy to maintain.

Chin-Length Wavy Black Bob:

Chin-Length Wavy Black Bob
This hairstyle has a natural look, and the hair looks thick and soft. Juliana Paes looks gorgeous in this one, and the waves complete the beautiful look. She has a well-done eyebrow that goes well with the hairstyle.

Voluminous Long Wavy blonde Layered Hairstyle:

Voluminous Long Wavy blonde Layered Hairstyle

This mermaid-inspired look needs the type of hair that holds the curls for a longer time, and the thicker and longer the hair, the better. Juliana Paes was able to bring out the fantastic look successfully.

Juliana Paes Short Curly Bob Hairstyle:

Juliana Paes Short Curly Bob Hairstyle

This hairstyle is super cool, and the curls are intact and bouncy, Juliana Paes is stunning in this hairstyle. The black color goes well with her skin color, the curls on the forehead just on top of the eyebrows completes this beautiful look. The hair is airy, thus very comfortable in hot weather.

Juliana Paes Black Long & Curly Ends:

Black long and curly ends

Thick hair can do a lot of amazing styling for you. This black and long hairstyle is straight on the roots and curly on its ends. This texture of dark hair is very appealing. The hair has been parted in the middle to bring a balanced look.

Brunette Ponytail Hairstyle:

Brunette Ponytail Hairstyle

Ponytail hairstyle is an easy hairstyle for long hair, it is not only for the gym, but you can style a classy ponytail like how Juliana Paes did here and attend formal events like a friend's wedding or outing with a friend. It also gives a break from the usual routine and experience something different.

Long Brunette with Waves:

Long Brunette with Waves

This hairstyle has a killer look, Juliana Paes looks sexy in this photo, the hairstyle and the posing are just on another level, up there. That is why she was a renowned model because of her cute body and style.

Short Black Synthetic Curly Hair with Blonde Highlights:

Short Black Synthetic Curly Hair with blonde highlights

This hairstyle has a fresh look, and the curls seem to be very soft and bouncy. Juliana Paes created a sassy girl look. The hairstyle has some blonde highlights that make it appear more appealing.

Juliana Paes Long straight black Hairstyle:

Juliana Paes Long straight black Hairstyle

This shiny black hair is something to try. The hairstyle has been parted in the middle for it to flow on both sides equally. Juliana Paes's look is just flawless, she has thick hair, and that's why most of her hairstyle is just brilliant.

Mid-Length Layered Hairstyle with Tousled Waves:

Mid-Length Layered Hairstyle with Tousled Waves

This mid-length layered hairstyle with tousled waves is the easiest to style, and Juliana Paes's broad face goes well with it because the face appears a bit slim. This hairstyle can go well in a cooperate and casual event and stand out from the crowd.

Black Half Up Crown Braid:

Black Half Up Crown Braid

Juliana Paes tried this hairdo that is easy to make and yet beautiful. The two braids are gathered together from the center of the forehead. Wrapped together at the back, and then you are good to go with a smile on your face just like Juliana Paes.


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