Best Short Bob Hairstyles For Every Face Shape

Best Short Bob Hairstyles
The bob is one of the most common hairstyle choices among women of every age. There is something specific about the bob - it is neat, elegant and interesting hairstyle that fits all face shapes and skin tones. The popularity of the bob has never been bigger, so if you are considering making a change, go for the short bob. Here are some bob inspirations for your to look at and decide which one you want to try out: 

Retro Short Bob

The retro looks, among which is the retro short short cut of the bob, are making a comeback. This is a fresh look that is perfect thorough all seasons. The parting is right in the middle, with long, curtain-like bangs.

Retro Short Bob Hairstyle

Messy Short Bob With Baby Bangs:

Messy bobs usually come out as the result of lots of layering and difference in the length of the hair. These are more daring and interesting hairstyle, especially due to the fact that the baby bangs are accented on the front. The styling is easy, messy and casual.
Messy Short Bob With Baby Bangs

Choppy Layered Short Bob

This hairstyle is a mixture between a pixie and the bob. Although the cut might be a little shorter and remind of a pixie, the top portion of the hair is styled in curved line, specific to the bob. The ends that fall to the sides are choppy, unequal, while the neck is open is short. The parting is done to the side.

Blunt Bob With Bangs

The blunt bob is the most popular version of all the short bobs. It is tightly connected to the French girls and their impeccable style and chic elegance. The cut of the bob is straight, perfect and the bangs complement the hairstyle with precision. The length of the straight bob goes somewhere over the ears.


Angular wavy bob

The angular bobs are playful and interesting choice for all those looking to add some new vibe to their hairstyle. It can certainly add volume and visually change the look of the hairstyle. The front parts of the bob are longer than those at the back. For better and easier styling, waves are the most suitable choice.

Sleek Short Bob:

There is a no miss situation with the sleek short bob. It is great for women who have naturally straight and fine hair. Usually, the parting for this bob is right in the middle, but it can be moved to the side. Both the sides are equal in length with a straight line that keeps the hairstyle neat and beautiful.

Stacked Short Bob:

Stacked cut on the bob is another way of adding more volume, definition and texture on your hairstyle. When women decide to go for a stacked cut, it is usually followed by some highlights that will make the look stand out even more. The change of the length of the hair is gradual and balanced, with the accent put on the back of the head, where the layering is most dominant.

Asymmetrical Short Bob

Asymmetry in the hairstyles is known for creating a daring and inordinary look. It is the same with the short bob too. The asymmetrical bob is done when the one side is longer in the length from the other side. The difference in the sides can be smaller of bigger, depending on personal preference. This is a hairstyle that can be worn both in straight or wavy version.

These are just some of the many options that you can wear a short bob. This is a timeless hairstyle that does not age, nor has a specific age group related to it. Whichever the hair type and color you have, the short bob is a trendy and cute hairstyle.


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