Long Hairstyles For Fat Women

Long Hairstyles For Fat Women

Long Hairstyles For Fat Women

 Long Hairstyles For Fat Women

Women love long hair no matter whether they are thin or plus size. The long hair is considered women's most feminine mark and sign of beauty. Fat women very commonly opt for a long hair because it somehow gives them visual balance towards their body. Here are some suggestions on how to wear a long hair:

Curled Ends For Fat Women:

Fat Women Curled Ends Hairstyle

The beauty of the long hair is best displayed when it is freely let down. the haircut obviously plays an important part in the form of appearance. One of the most common looks is wearing the long hair let down and only the ends are curled. The curls are round, they are only done at the ends and the entire hair is straight. It can be parted on the sides or in the middle. This look allows the addition of different hair accessories.

Long Braided Hairstyle For Fat Faces And Double Chins:

Long Braided Hairstyle

Keeping the long hair neat and tidy can be done with an easy braid. The French braid is popular and timeless look that can work for many different occasions like daily errands, sports activities and even as a evening hairstyle. depending on the length of the hair, the braid can be done centrally or a bit to the side and to fall over one shoulder. the hair on the top can be pulled back or done in a part.

Side Bangs And Ombre For Overweight Women:

Side Bangs And Ombre Hairstyle

Side bangs bring softness to every face, especially to the ones with fat face. They usually start from a aside part and go from one side all over the other, over the forehead. they are layered and become longer as they reach the side. as for the rest of the hair, it is styled straight and falls down freely. the option of ombre is cool choice because it makes the entire hairstyle more playful and interesting.

Sleek Long Pony For Chubby Face Women:

Sleek Long Pony Hairstyle

Another hairstyle that is perfect for women with long hair and fat face is the sleek pony. The sleek high pony is hairstyle that is perfect and quick solution no matter if your hair is clean or not. The hair is pulled back, sleeked and tied up in a high pony. The hair band can be hidden with a piece of the hair. The pony is long, sleek and falls freely down the back.

Half-up Bun Round Faces Women:

Half-up Bun Hairstyle

Buns are more girlish hairstyles and they show the kids side in every women. although they might not be the most appropriate hairstyle for women with fat faces, they are cute and trendy. Especially the half-up top bun. The long hair is parted in two portions: upper and lower. The upper part of the hair is pulled back and wrapped in a bun while the lower part is let down and falls freely on the back.

Messy Top Bun For Fat Women:

Messy Top Bun Hairstyle

The messy top bun is a quick solution for long hair. the entire hair is pulled back up in bun, that because of the hair's length is big and voluminous. It is done without precision - it is messy and there are pieces of hair coming out of it. it can be fastened with a hair band or with hidden pins. This is a casual and relaxed hairstyle.

Asymmetric Long Cut For Plus Size Women:

Asymmetric Long Cut

This is a daring and bold look that not many women can pull off. It suits those with fat face because it shows that thinking outside of the box is good and beauty does not have borders. The hairstyle is defined by a side part. The one side is cut shortly, like boyish cut, while the other side is long, straight and fall down the shoulder. 
Curly Hairstyles For Fat Women

Curly Hairstyles For Fat Women

Curly Hairstyles For Fat Women

 Curly Hairstyles For Fat Women

There are quite a lot beautiful hairstyles that fit women with fat faces. As the beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so do the hairstyles too. since there are lot of different hairstyles, the curly hair can be an additional issue for finding the right look. here is a list of curly hairstyles for fat women that are great and trendy: 

Curled Ends For Fat Women:

No matter the hair length or type, the curled ends are a common choice for every women, especially for those fit faces faces. Curls at the ends do not put a lot of accent on the face. The hair on the top is straight and voluminous, and only the ends are done in soft curls. The entire hair can be pulled to the side or dome in a clear side part.

Short Curly Bob For Fat Faces And Double Chins:

Plus size women short curly bob haircut

The short curly bob is an attractive hairstyle for women with faces and curly hair. The length of the bob is reaching the ears, and entire cut is done with some layering. The layering visibly makes the face look thinner and some of the strands of the bob are reaching the chin. The part is right in the middle, dividing the curls equally to the sides.

Long Spirals For Overweight Women:

xxl woman long spirals hairstyle

Women with fat faces usually opt for extra long hair. In that case, they have ability to style the hair to make their face slimmer. With the extra long hair it is important to take proper care and style it accordingly. The spirally curls are much better option than the round curls, because they add the additional visual slimming effect. The part is usually right in the middle.

Straight-cut Lob For Chubby Face Women:

fat women Straight cut lob hairstyle

The straight cut on a curly hair is possible when the curls are small. They are easier to maintain and they do not tangle and break like the other curls. the straight cut goes perfectly with the long bob and fits the women with fat faces. The parting can be done in the middle or the side, according to personal preference.

Short Layered Cut Round Faces Women:

Plus size girl Short Layered cut

As mentioned above, layering is very important when the accent should be put on slimming the face. For the women with fat faces it is important to pay attention to this thing when choosing their hairstyle. the short hairstyle option, that is sort of a different bob, and involves layering, perfectly suits the fat faces. The layering is present through the entire hair, from top to the ends. The hair can be parted in the middle or to the sides, and the curls will fall to the sides and find their form. The longest parts do not go over the length of the chin.

Add A Bandana Hairstyle For Fat Women:

fat women Add a bandana

The addition of a hair accessory is always an interesting and fashionable thing to do if you want to spice up your look. If you want to upgrade your look and leave the hair pins to the side, add a bandana. Bandana is cool and retro accessory, that looks good on women with fat faces. It can be worn as a daily or a beach accessory. The hair is best to be curled, naturally or in soft waves. It can be pulled back and the bandana can be positioned so it dominates, ot the hair can be parted to the side or in the middle, where the bandana will come over that.

Baby Bangs And Curls For Plus Size Women:

overweight woman Baby bangs and curls

For those who would like to be more creative and edgier with their hairstyle, this hairstyle is daring and bold. The hair is parted in the middle, with a deep part. The baby bangs are very short, only reaching a bit of the forehead. Their cut is leaning more towards the blunt one. the rest of the hair is cut in sharp layering and the curls fall to the side.

These are just some of the many curly hairstyles that fat women can choose and upgrade their look. It is best to find the one that woks the best according to the face shape and work around it.
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