All About Comma Haircut - 12 Inspirational Comma Hairstyles For Men

Comma haircuts are popular among Asian men and are gaining popularity worldwide. Recently, this haircut has gotten much attention since so many K-Pop stars and Korean celebrities use it as part of their signature look. This simple and trendy haircut is known for its specific comma shape of the front hair. This hairstyle was originally associated with men, but as it gained popularity, it also began to be seen in women.


The comma style is versatile and flattering on various facial shapes. This famous haircut may make a man's face seem longer and more refined. It is a timeless style that may be updated by chopping off the bottom and front hair with a pair of trimmers. However, this draws attention to your features and looks great with straight and thick hair. It is suitable for short to medium-length hair and is the best way to cover the big forehead.

Many superstars, for instance, use fringe dye or curl their fringe to create a sexier, more romantic appearance. Some men add natural waves to this hairstyle to add volume and texture to hair.

This hairstyle is mostly famous among the young generation, but its simplicity and adaptability work for any age group. So, if you are seeking a new hairstyle or want a fashionable change in your appearance, you should try this spectacular and K-Pop-worthy haircut.


The well-known Korean Comma Haircut is a stylish and modest cut. It has side bangs that can be worn on one or both sides of the head, with one side curving towards the centre of the face. The front hair is long, while the sides and back are short. It offers a wide variety of possible customizations.

Professionals and experts agree that experimenting with various styling options is the only way to rock this timeless cut successfully. The top and sides of this haircut seem quite different from one another. 

Every barber or stylist bases the haircut they provide on the client's facial structure and personal preferences. It's up to you whether you want to go for a classic look or attempt something new and daring with your haircut.

Since you know a comma haircut, let's look at more options.

Following the current fashion, we have gathered a few examples of the most popular Comma hairstyles.


Even if 2022 is halfway over, there is still time to improve your look. So, what is keeping you away? Here's a variety of comma hairstyles that will bring new energy to your personality.

1. Classic Comma hairstyle

Classic Comma hairstyle

The classic comma hairstyle is the backbone of Korean men's fashion. Many prominent actors have this hairdo and look great. This classic hairstyle has long front bangs that may be pinned or blown in half to make the natural curve characteristic of the comma hairstyle. Let your bangs grow longer than normal to achieve this edgy and neat look. It makes it easy to get an ideal classic comma hair. Overall, this is an incredibly appropriate haircut that will suit all kinds and curves of men's features. So it doesn't concern you that it won't suit you.

2. Soft Comma hairstyle

Soft Comma hairstyle

The soft comma hairstyle is more like a classic comma style, but this style has a gentle curve and is less pronounced than the standard comma hairstyle. It's a safe option for men blessed with naturally straight hair. The secret of this hairstyle is volume and soft layers. So, if you want to add more volume to hair, try using a pomade or gel with a thinner consistency. Because most Asian men have naturally smooth, falling hair, special care must be taken while styling your hair.

3. Textured comma hairstyle

Textured comma hairstyle

This hairstyle works well with both straight and wavy hair. The key to this hairstyle is textured hair and voluminous bangs. So, if you have straight hair, try adding texture with a curling iron. To style it, try curling the hair layer by layer. Use hairspray to refine the texture and long-lasting effect. However, you don't need to bother fixing your hair for those who have natural hair that is slightly curly and wavy. Use your fingers to add some texture and fix them with hair spray. This comma style is great for medium- to thick-haired women as well. It's important to remember to clean your hair after using styling products like pomade or gel. It prevents you from any hair damage.

4. Middle parted Comma hairstyle

Middle parted Comma hairstyle

This comma hairstyle is known for its middle partition of hair. It is a cool alternative for people seeking a more daring fashion sense. Perfect for people who have naturally curly or wavy hair. You can wear it in many ways that highlight your features. In addition, you can also adjust the middle part of the comma hair to your taste. You can get inspiration from different South Korean idols. To add a little volume to your hair, use some textured spray. However, if you want to let it flow straight, go for it as it will fit perfectly. It depends on your taste and desire.

5. Comma hair with a Two-block haircut

Comma hair with a Two-block haircut

These two hairstyles are trendy in Korea. Although, this combo will make you seem cooler and more like Korean. A two-block haircut has trimmed sides and back of the head, with the top left long and styled as desired. It gives a great opportunity to highlight your bangs. This cut draws attention to your face and gives you a clean and edgy look. You can add texture or volume to your front hair to get a sexy and innovative look. It depends on your taste and how you want to highlight your personality. However, this haircut combo suits many face shapes and is suited for all hair types.

6. Comma hair with undercut

Comma hair with undercut

The undercut hairstyle is always in trend. Its high contrast look is distinctive and unforgettable, giving a refined appearance. It is in line with contemporary men's fashion, and men adore it. So, If your present haircut is undercut, you may experiment with short comma hair. For perfect comma hair, your fringe should be long enough to shape or style in a comma. This contrasting hairstyle is unique, and it turned out that there are several options to style it. Choose the style according to your personality, hair type, or current haircut.

7. Side parted Comma hair

Side parted Comma hair

A side split can never go wrong. This traditional and moderate hairstyle is adaptable and ageless; it looks well on everyone and is an ideal way to style your hair. The side part is versatile and flatters different textures and lengths. No matter your style, it can go well with all personalities. So with comma style, it integrates elegance into your everyday routine. The comma hair with a side part highlights your nose and big eyes and draws attention to your jawline. However, this hair combo is simple yet chic. And the more amazing thing about this hairstyle is that you can achieve this look effortlessly with a simple blow dryer and a gel. 

8. Comma hair X French crop

Comma hair X French crop

The French crop as the finest hairdo gives you a clean look. This low-maintenance style is great for anybody who does not like spending a lot of time maintaining their hair but wants to appear presentable. It is appealing and ideal for men with thin hair. This hairstyle has longer hair in the front that may be styled in a curve to get comma hair. To go with your French crop, you may have shaved sides or an undercut to accentuate your fringe. You can style your fringe differently to get unique and innovative comma hairstyles. This hair combo may add a solid signature to your personality, depending on how you wear it. There are many options to style it best suited to your face shape.

9. Comma hair with Mullet

Comma hair with Mullet

The Mullet is a hip male hairstyle that has been making a resurgence in recent years. One of the men's most recognizable hairstyles that sometimes called "business in the front, party in the back." The Mullet is a great way to upgrade your appearance, whether you have thick, straight, wavy, or curly hair. There are several chic mullet hairstyles to choose from, depending on whether you're going for a retro or trendy style. When it comes to men's hairstyles, some guys may desire the low-maintenance mullet fade with short hair, while others would want a longer mullet with tapered sides. Choosing the correct mullet hairstyle might be difficult since so many variations exist. One way is to add comma hair at the front, giving you a decent yet chic look.

10. Comma hair and bowl cut

Comma hair and bowl cut

This trendy hairstyle has a front part that is chopped at the brow level. The hair length extends along the back and sides. The front hair is styled in a comma shape. This hairstyle combo gives a person a gentlemanly and neat look. You can style it differently by wearing comma hair with the middle or side parted. You can also wear this style as straight and structured hair or add texture to hair to give it a new look. This hairstyle is popular among young men. Even though this is a casual k-pop hairstyle, it nevertheless lends a taste or a formal impression. It is an effortless style that you can maintain easily.

11. Comma hair with soft layers

Comma hair with soft layers

The soft layers add texture and more definition to your hairstyle. They are adaptable and fashionable, as well as low-maintenance and eye-catching. These layers look great on any hair length or type and go well on thin hair. It requires little upkeep and looks good on most men. Adding a comma touch in front of hair makes it trendier and gives a sexier appeal to your look. This Korean style falls in all directions from the crown. An undercut might be added to make the haircut more attractive. However, you can rock this hairstyle for any occasion. It helps you to stand out in a crowd. So, it's best to let a barber or stylist determine whether this cut is right for you.

12. Dyed hair with comma hair

Dyed hair with comma hair

Colors are always fun, and the great thing about them is that you can use them to show your personality. When you add some daring hair colors to comma hairstyles, they become even more fascinating and attractive. So, if you don't mind wearing a distinctive and bright hair color with your haircut, this style is for you. You only need to request that your expert provide some distinctive hues that fit your personality. Adding vibrant and bold colors to your hair gives you a statement look. Although, this funky hairstyle is great for parties and more casual events.


There are some easy steps to make this statement look effortless.

  • Split the hair in the side or middle part by using the tip of a hair comb. Make a straight line on the part you want to keep, then secure it with a pin. This step is crucial since the final result depends heavily on the partition.
  • After sectioning the hair, add volume to your hair with a blow dryer. You can use a hair iron with slightly curved plates to smooth it straight. If you have enough hair, you may make waves and volume by twisting the ends inward. To get the ideal comma hair silhouette, repeat the process for the whole head.
  • Use your fingers to comb through the straightened hair. This finger combing is helpful for giving your hair a more natural appearance.
  • Curl the bangs into a C-shape by bringing the ends inside. It is essential for adding texture and achieving the ideal comma hairstyle.
In the end, you can use pomade if you want your comma hair to last longer. Use a generous amount of pomade and apply it randomly to your hair with your fingers.



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