The Trendiest Fade Haircuts Ideas For Men In 2024 - A Complete Guide

fade haircut men

Fade Haircut Men

The fade haircut is unquestionably one of the greatest styles available today, thanks to its beautifully tapered appearance and ability to infuse your style with sleek elegance. This haircut can be worn in various ways to fit your taste and personality. The fade on the sides of your head gives you the freedom to style your hair in any way you choose. Additionally, a variety of fade cuts are available. These haircuts are subtle yet elegant, making them ideal for men who want their hair to have a little edge. However, these kinds of haircuts highlight the top hair that gives a voluminous appearance to hair. This haircut is the way to go if you want a simple appearance that nevertheless exudes flair.

So, how do we define a fade haircut?

Fade haircuts are as basic as the name suggests: they include a descending length that creates a fading look, sometimes reaching the skin and ending in very short hair. Although certain universal aspects exist to fade haircuts, many personal preferences and hair types may influence the style. The popularity of fades has increased, but more lately, individuals are experimenting with a wider variety of fade techniques.

In many circumstances, the shortest area of the hair will be bald, gradually increasing in length until it reaches the ideal length on top. The taper, low, mid, or high level of the fade is determined by the head's top area height that begins to transition from a long to a shorter length. An excellent fade is one in which the transition is seamless and fluid. Fades are also a low-maintenance trim that doesn't need frequent barber appointments.

The adaptability of this haircut is the main reason why every man in the modern world likes it so much. To clarify your idea of this haircut, we defined the kinds of this haircut. And we will try to go through every variation of the fade haircut here. So, you can mix and match different fades to get your style.

How can you ask for a fade haircut?

When men visit their barber, they're more likely to acquire stylish fade haircuts than ever before. For decades, this kind of haircut for guys has been a mainstay. Fade styles that date back to the beginning of time include low fade, mid fade, and high fade, all of which may be seen in various forms today. So before going for a fade haircut, keep the following things in mind.

1. How high do you want to take it when it comes to fading? Tapering is an option as well. Talk to your barber about your face shape, the style you're aiming for, and your lifestyle to see if they have any recommendations. Fade heights may be tailored to suit a variety of facial shapes and styles.

2. What are your ultimate goals? The fade isn't a style in itself; it just serves to define the back and sides. Look for your ultimate goal and what you need.

3. How far are you willing to go? A fading sets the tone for the overall look, not the length itself. Fade haircuts are no different from any other, depending on how short you want to go. Start with long rather than short, and you'll have a higher chance of liking the result. If you're unsure how short you want your haircut to be, let the barber know ahead of time so that they may conduct a test region on your head for you to observe.

4. Take a picture of what you're looking for. Showing a photo or a series of images is the quickest and most stress-free approach to achieving what you want. Trust your barber with the haircut; you can't just say "high skin fade" without understanding what it is or how it will look.

Now that you know how to ask for a fade haircut and the various degrees of fade, here are some examples of popular hairstyles that look fantastic with a fade.

Basic kinds of fade

1.    High Fade Haircut

High level fade haircut

A high-fade haircut is one of the most popular men's haircuts because it adds sophistication and flair to any haircut. The sides and nape area are closely shaved with the high fade haircut. The lower you go, the shorter the hair becomes. Since the hair is trimmed closer to the scalp with a high fade, the emphasis is on contrast and minimal upkeep. That doesn't mean there aren't many ways to play with a high-top fade. This haircut is versatile and may be applied to various hair textures and kinds. However, you have complete control over how long you want the hair on top of your head to be. You may wear your high fade in various styles, including a pompadour, crew cut, or side-swept style.

2.    Mid Fade Haircut

Mid level fade haircut

The mid-fade haircut falls in the middle of the low and high fade categories. Thanks to the tapered end that sits between the temples and the ears, it has a neat, professional look. With a mid-fade haircut, you may wear any length of hair on top of your head. Hair of any texture may be styled in various ways. It may be worn by men of any age and can be fashioned in various ways due to its adaptability. Slicked-back hairstyles with a side part lend a contemporary touch to traditional men's styles.

3.    Low Fade Haircut

Low level fade haircut

Those who prefer a more natural appearance will appreciate the low fade haircut. An understated fade that emphasizes the bottom inch of hair while tapering to the sides and the back of the head are all required for this haircut. In this look, the top is left longer, so you may style it any way you want, which gives you more freedom to play about with the proportions. The low fade's attraction is that it can be worn with various hairstyles, from a crew cut to a pompadour. Adapt the style of your low fade to your preferences.

4.    Skin Fade Haircut

Skin fade haircut

A skin fade haircut is appropriate for a formal and refined look that makes you appear and feel nice. This haircut is transitioned from the top of the long hair to an entirely shaven side. It may be paired with something traditional style, or you can go for something more modern and hip. Style the crown hair to whatever suits your taste. However, you will have to see your barber every 2 or 3 weeks to maintain your skin fade.

5.    Bald Fade Haircut

Bald fade haircut

A bald fade is different from any of the other fades discussed above. It is a great option for highlighting the beard area. Head's back and sides are shaved short in the bald fade. It may be worn in various ways, some subdued and understated, while others are more daring and outlandish. You may experiment with different hair lengths at the crown area, whether you want to keep it short or leave it longer to stand out more. It is easy to style and low-maintenance, which is ideal for the busy guy.

6.    Temple Fade Haircut

Temple fade haircut

The temple fade/Brooklyn Fade may be dated back to the 1990s. The temple fade haircut, which was once popular among black males with afro haircuts, has now made its way into the mainstream, making it a realistic choice for everyone. However, make a fantastic choice for those who don't want to go over the top. In a typical temple fair haircut, the hair is shaved short from the temple to the ear. You may generate various effects with a temp fade, from dramatic to subtle. Even so, you'll need to see the barber often to maintain the style since the cut makes the look unique.

7.    Tapered Fade Haircut

Tapered fade haircut

This classical haircut is one of the most common fades, trimming the hair from longer to shorter on the sides and back while preserving the length on top. When comparing taper to fade, you'll see that there is no spectacular fade, no skin exposure, or anything other than a cleanly cut low taper fade. The versatility of this haircut makes it a fantastic choice for any guy who wants to add edginess to his appearance.

8.    Drop Fade Haircut

Drop fade haircut

Drop fade gets its name from the abruptly fade ending behind the ear. This cut has a noticeable curve from the hairline to the ear, which sets it apart from the other haircuts. It brings attention to the top of the hair and gives it the illusion of fullness and thickness. Adding a drop fade to your haircut will give it a more organized and precise look. Wear this haircut with short or long hair in a variety of styles. The finish is contemporary and stylish, making it ideal for a guy looking for something unique but not too dramatic.

9.    Burst Fade Haircut

Burst fade haircut

Burst fade is easily identified with its semi-circular shape and gradual taper toward the ear and the back of your head. It can be worn with different hair types and lengths and still look great. It may also be coupled with a basic and understated style, such as a Caesar haircut. You may keep the style of your hair on the crown of the head modest since it is unique and complicated in and of itself. You may even make it patterned and three-dimensional if you'd like. The more contrast and fascinating proportions you can accomplish with longer hair at the top, the better. This chic and contemporary haircut boosts your personality.

10. Undercut Fade Haircut

Undercut fade haircut

Undercut fade is a cutting-edge hairstyle incorporating elements of an undercut and a fade. There isn't a transition period between short and long hair regarding the undercut hairstyle. Instead of having one length of hair, a fade minimizes the contrast by integrating fading sides. Undercuts look well on various hair types and textures, making them a flexible choice for any man. The hair length of the back and sides are the same to simplify things. For a more voluminous look, you may maintain the length on top and shape it in a pompadour or fringe. This cut is both fashionable and functional, cutting weight from the hair and reducing the time it takes to style it. As a result, you'll need to see your barber frequently to maintain the appearance of your undercut.

11. Box Fade Haircut

Box fade haircut

A box fade is a good option for afro hair and is popular among black men. The hair on top looks messy and unruly, while the hair around your neck and ears is trimmed, which gives a clean look. Although the conventional box has a lot of sharp corners, you are free to make it as angular or as round as you want.

12. Sideburn Fade Haircut

Sideburn fade haircut

Try out the sideburn fade if you want to rock 'burns like a badass, and there's no way you're letting them go anytime soon. This continuous fade somehow manages to make sideburns trendy. Sideburns are a great addition to your rough look combined with a full beard.

13. Scissor Fade Haircut

Scissor fade haircut

If you are not a fan of clippers; therefore, we'd like to recommend the scissor fade cut for your consideration. Barbers use scissors rather than clippers to get this look, as you would have predicted. Because it's a little softer than the other fades mentioned. Try out this softer fade if you're not into experimenting.

14. Shadow Fade Haircut

Shadow fade haircut

A shadow fade haircuts provide an edge between the daring skin fade and the conservative long hair haircuts. This haircut is regarded as incredibly adaptable for several reasons, and this is one of those reasons. In addition, there are many alternative ways the top may be worn; however, it looks good on any hair texture and length.

Inspirational fade haircut

Beyond the basic haircuts, there are various ways to style these haircuts. Here is some example that surely inspires you and chooses from that will give you a distinct look. So, let's look at some popular haircuts that go well with fades.

1.    Cropped haircut with fade

Cropped haircut with fade

If you're looking for a style that's both sexy and refined all at once, go no further than this cut. Depending on your facial shape and hairline position, there are various ways to style this cropped hairstyle. Usually, low to medium skin fades are often used with this hairstyle.

The clipped medium fade is a must-have for individuals who like symmetry. Going with a skin fade can draw attention to their gorgeous hair texture while maintaining a tidy appearance. Dyed the tips of top hair lighter if you want to make a significant statement with your haircut. By doing so, you'll be sporting the current craze of the crop top fade.

2.    Pompadour medium fade

Pompadour medium fade

Pomp with fade is ideal for people who want to keep the top of their hair long but want to keep the sides and back shorter. It also makes the crown of the head look broader and thicker, heightening the whole structure. This hairstyle is often worn with a low or medium fade rather than a spectacular high one. You don't want to go over the top with this one since it's a traditional style with a lot of length on top. In addition, instead of going all the way to the skin, you could choose to leave it with a longer fade. The cut is adaptable to various hair types and may be updated with a fade to make it more contemporary.

3.    Medium fade with slicked back hair

Medium fade with slicked back hair

The slick back look has long been a favorite style among men. It is probably the best option for those with smooth and straight hair who want to keep it long but out of their face. It gives an attractive and masculine look. Different hair lengths may be accommodated to make it suitable for various events. A fade may breathe fresh life into basic styles. As the hair progressively changes from longer on the top to shorter on the sides and back, it may generate contrast. For a stylish and current look, consider a mix of a drop fade, a bald fade, or a taper fade. However, slicked-back hair with a medium fade is great for a polished appearance. Look no farther if you're looking for a fade cut that's as sophisticated as you are.

4.    Comb over fade with undercut

Comb over fade with undercut

Although it was initially popularised in the 1920s, the comb-over haircut has maintained its popularity among men because it provides a mannerly image. With a little tweaking, this traditional style may be transformed into a more contemporary look. You may experiment with various fades to find the one that best suits your face shape and personality. Another advantage of the comb-over fade is that it can be worn on a wide range of hair types and lengths, making it suitable for men of many ages and backgrounds.

In 2022, fade comb-over hairstyles for males are a must-have. This cut, however, needs more styling time and attention. If you don't mind wasting time on your hair, a high fade comb-over may be a good choice.

5.    High fade with a buzz cut

High fade with a buzz cut

If you consider wearing a slick and stylish haircut, you've come to the right place. The buzz cut is a good choice regarding military-inspired hairstyles for guys, and it's simple to wear and takes little upkeep effort. For the buzz cut, the back and sides of the hair are faded, and the top is a little longer than the customary length. The fade on the sides and back of this short haircut will be maintained even shorter than the hair on the head. The top layer of hair will be shaved off in stages, starting at the top and working its way down. You can go for higher or medium fade depending on your facial shape and desired dimensions.

6.    Curly hair with fade

Curly hair with fade

Curly hair may be styled in many ways, making it flexible and seductive. Curly hair on guys is particularly endearing because of the way it softens the face. Adding a fade to your hair is a great way to update your appearance while still being on trend. Hair is often cut short on the sides to a mid-fade and worn down nearly to a fringe. You'll appear classy with this combo. Alternatively, your hair's curl pattern might be the show's star. To achieve a spectacular style that will draw attention, you might add a lot of volume and a fade to your hair. To preserve your curls, apply a leave-in moisturizer or a product that locks in moisture after using a salt spray. On the other hand, keep the curls short, making them simpler to manage and reducing the possibility of tangling.

7.    Mid fade with quiff

Mid fade with quiff

In the 1950s, the quiff was a trendy hairstyle with a short length on the head's back and sides and volume at the crown. The beauty of this style is that it draws attention to your face and looks classy. While still being a traditional style, it can be altered in various ways. A fading would be one such option where the sides and back of the head will eventually become shorter as a result. In addition to emphasizing the forelock's fullness, this will also serve as a subtle contrast. The shorter your hair is on top, the further up the fade you can go, and the longer you leave it on top, the lower the fade you should opt for. Some guys use additional styling elements like razor parting to personalize it further. Most of this cut will focus on leaving more length in the front and creating a messier appearance with texture. Use a shiner for a polished look or spray to add texture to your hair.

8.    Fade haircut with side part

Fade haircut with side part

Most guys have dabbled with the side parting throughout their lives. The side part may also provide a tidy and finished look when combined with fades, such as a high fade. The sides and back are shaved shorter, but the top is kept longer. However, you may mix and match several styles and fades with your side part. A low to mid fade works best, but a high skin fade would work just as well if you're going for a tougher appearance. This flexible hairstyle can be styled in various ways or may be worn with various hair types and styles, making it quite flexible. Go with a style that accentuates your facial features and defines your personality.

9.    Faded undercut

Faded undercut

A faded undercut is a new variation that keeps the hair as detached as it's been in the past. The fading undercut is most often seen with fades that are mid-to-high in height. This undercut may be done on many hair types and textures. The one length on the sides and back makes them easier than fades. You may add volume with a pompadour or fringe on top. Depending on how much sparkle you want in your hair, you may use a spray or a gel to get different looks. This cut looks beautiful and reduces hair weight and upkeep time. Undercuts need frequent barber visits to appear decent. However, visits are suitable every three to four weeks, depending on hair growth.

10. Faded buzz cut with a line-up

Faded buzz cut with a line-up

Pairing a line-up with a fade provides greater crown volume and highlights the hair texture. However, use a low fade buzz cut with a line-up to channel your inner GI Joe. The fade shortens your sides and back, while the line-up highlights your temples. This combo will highlight hairline details. Collaborate with your barber to create a style that matches your hair texture, length, and personality. Rock this haircut with pride to look stylish. Low-maintenance hairstyles like this are ideal for busy men, but you should give this haircut a few touch-ups every few weeks to keep it looking fresh.

11.  Fade with a crew cut

Fade with a crew cut

One of the most masculine styles is the crew cut with fade, which generally includes tapered sides. The taper shave will rapidly give the conventional cut a more modern and fashionable appearance by adding form and flair. It is normally short, sleek, and ideal for numerous events, including more traditional ones. The fade is generally relatively mild, with a minor length fluctuation between the hair on the crown and the backside. However, a fade won't affect the subtlety of a crew cut, so it's ideal for both work and play. This cut provides many wearable styles that are functional and elegant without being overly extreme. It is the appropriate solution for guys of all generations and can be altered to fit different kinds of hair.

12. Caesar top with side fade

Caesar top with side fade

Nowadays, a traditional Caesar haircut may be seen as a touch date, and adding a fade to your hairstyle can give it a more modern look. Thus, the blends of the two styles make it more stylish and versatile. Short and straight bangs are a typical feature of the Caesar haircut. You may achieve a progressive reduction in length by using a fade, such as a taper fade. Even for males with textured hair, having longer hair on top may be appealing since it will emphasize the texture. The higher the skin fade on the sides, the more attention will be drawn to the textured top. Thus, even if you have a thick beard, it will not make you seem untidy.

13. Fade with design

Fade with design

What could be better than unique hair designs? A great approach to show off your playful side is to mess around with your hair like this. If you're looking for an edgy and hip appearance, consider pairing your hairstyle with a fade. Numerous possibilities exist, from small features like forms or unique angles to more complex art like a diamond or geometric pattern. The greatest way to create a statement with your hair is to ensure that your scalp is in excellent condition first. You should also be aware that any defects or discoloration will be accentuated with this haircut.

14. Bald and drop fade

Bald and drop fade

If you're looking for a short fade haircut, you may go as short or as long as you like, with the top portion somewhat longer than the rest of your hair. However, drop fade refers to fading descending in front of the ear. This cut has a noticeable arch from the temple to the ear, which sets it apart from the others. While blending the two cuts makes this haircut unique and simple. We're in love with this fade since it gives you the option to go with a hair fade design or keep things basic. Give this haircut once a try because of its versatility and simple upkeeping.

15. Low Skin or bald fade

Low Skin or bald fade

A low fade haircut is the best option to maintain the natural appearance and is suitable for those men who don’t have much hair. This fade took a modern turn on a traditional short front and back haircut. A fade haircut involves reducing the length of the hair from top to bottom. It is different from a regular fade in that you don't change the grade of your hair but rather integrate it into your skin. If you've had a messy top, you may swiftly transition to a close shave by brushing it forward or side-parted. Those with a diamond or triangle face shape are most suited for this fade cut.

16. Mid fade with textured top

Mid fade with textured top

A mid-level fade is a tremendous way to give short hair some structure; thus, adding the textured on top gives your haircut a new life. As the hair grows shorter from the temples to your ears, it naturally adds structure to your hair and emphasizes your overall appearance. For this reason, adding some texture to the top is an excellent approach to improve your style. The top of your haircut may be done in whatever manner you desire since the fade provides a clean and tidy look. Use hair spray or gel to lock the texture in your hair.

17. Faux hawk with faded sides

Faux hawk with faded sides

A faux hawk haircut is unquestionably the most nerve-wracking hairstyle to pull off. Furthermore, a hawk style with fade necessitates the presence of styling expertise. For those who believe they can handle this bold cut, this haircut is just what you've been waiting for! The faux hawk is a cut that's just as great as Mohawk but much less difficult to manage. Because the faux hawk is usually shorter, it tends to have less volume at the top. Those with medium-length hair will love it, too. Even though you may still play around with texture, there is a tiny difference in length between the top, sides, and back regarding hair length. Adding a fade to your hairstyle instead of shaving the sides and back gives it a more natural look.

18. Mohawk with side fade

Mohawk with side fade

The mohawk is one of the most in-demand hairstyles today because of its daring and rebellious look. As punk and alternative style, the cut has its roots in the center of the head and the sides entirely shaved, but there is a more current approach to this appearance. A fade is a new approach that will give a splash of flair to your top hair. It's still a striking look, but it's far more manageable when worn with a faded mohawk. As a result, the contrast is less pronounced since there is still some hair on either side. Keep the crown area hair shorter for a more modest look. Hair that is curly or wavy may also serve to soften a harsh contemporary image.

19. Long hair with fade

Long hair with fade

It's no secret that long hair threatens the traditional definition of masculinity. Long hair exudes a cool, carefree vibe, and there are many ways to style it. Fades are a fantastic option to give a sexy edge to your long hair. Hair with a fade has more structure, which creates an eye-catching contrast and makes it easier to style. The top of the head has a lot of texture, so it looks great with curly or wavy hair. Even if you have straight hair, you can still pull off this style with a little help from a styling product. Don't be afraid to show off your rugged side, as this looks macho.

20. Comb over pomp with high bald fade

Comb over pomp with high bald fade

Men's haircuts in 2022 will also need to include fade comb-over hairstyles. However, this style needs much time and work to achieve. If you don't mind wasting time on your hair, a high fade comb-over may be a good choice. There are no rules for the comb-over high fade; it's an updated version of a classic look. It gives you a neat and subtle look that suits all men types. Whether young, old, short, tall, black, or white, your hair will appear better than ever when styled in this way. Experiment with the comb-over and keep it crisp with frequent trimming. This classic and contemporary haircut never fails you.

21. Spikes with fade haircut

Spikes with fade haircut

To get a high fade with some longer hair at the crown, this spiked hairstyle on top is a great alternative for you! However, today's style is more subtle and less defined than it was, resulting in a textured appearance that's simpler to style and maintain. With spiky hair and a fade, the top of the head is kept long, while the back and sides are shaved. The spikes become the focal point due to the basic fading, highlighting the hair texture and giving your personality a new vibe. Textured hair is the greatest choice for this look since it uses less product and looks more natural and carefree than other hair varieties.

22. Fade with a French crop top

Fade with a French crop top

The French crop is a low-maintenance hairstyle for men that has lasted the test of time. This haircut kept the back and sides of the hair short, but the top and the fringe are left longer. The difference between the top and the sides will become more pronounced with the fading. To create a bolder impression, you may use more daring techniques like the burst fade or the high fade. Thus, a spectacular low fade is used to attain a subtle and gentle look. Fusing the French crop and a fade creates an effortlessly stylish and very masculine look. It is possible to wear this haircut with various hair types and textures. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, it may add dimension and contrast to your appearance.

23. Blowout with fade

Blowout with fade

Blowouts and fades go together like peaches and cream. A low fade blowout may be an exceptionally interesting choice if you're not scared to try something new. Its short sides, which swiftly transition from shorter to a large burst of hair on top, make a distinctive appearance. The sides and back hair are maintained short and tapered. Compared to the pompadour, it is less imposing and might be a more comfortable style to wear. As a result, it may be styled to fit a wide range of hair types, textures, and styles. Add a different fade or experiment with different lengths. This haircut may help slim the look of a round or wide face.

24. Mohawk with tapered fade

Mohawk with tapered fade

The mohawk is edgy and rebellious, which makes it cool. The cut originates in punk and alternative cultures, although it was historically worn with shaved sides and massive hair in the center. A faded mohawk is still striking but simpler to wear. The burst and tapers fade around the skull's ear and back in a semicircle, giving it a cool and adaptable look. It works on hair of all lengths and textures. Longer top hair creates contrast and fascinating proportions that accentuate your shoulder area. However, keep your top hair short for a subtler look. Curly and wavy hair also provides softness to this edgy look. This trendy haircut lets you express yourself.

25. Short hair with fade

Short hair with fade

This haircut is best suited for thinner hair. If you have short hair, go with the fade with the classic buzz cut, crew cut, French crop, and spiky hair. Having short hair may have a lot of advantages as well. First and foremost, it doesn't require much time or effort to maintain or style. When obtaining a short style on top, we strongly advise men to have a high cut for extremely short sides to maximize contrast. Use spray or gel to add texture and volume to hair. You can go all out with more complex designs on the side if you're brave enough.

26. Wavy hair with faded sides

Wavy hair with faded sides

Wavy hair is intriguing; even the basic cuts look fabulous because of the texture it gives. Even if you select a fade, it highlights the texture on the top. For the most part, fades are characterized by a progressive shortening of hair on the sides and back, allowing for a longer length on top. It provides a contrast when worn with wavy hair. This haircut may also help to maintain a clean look. It will also save you time due to the fade's usefulness. Your hair's texture will be the focal point of your style, so give it some definition with a spray/gel or any curl-defining product.

27. Afro hair with fade

Afro hair with fade

An afro fade is perfect for a man who wants to appreciate his unique hair texture. You may show off your hair's volume and pride in your afro, but it also provides some structure. Keep the hair length short with a fade on the sides and back of the head. An updated version of the afro hairstyle will help you obtain an attractive and balanced appearance. Keep the hair short or long according to your choice while maintaining its volume and structure. It gives your haircut more structure or an edgy look. Additionally, it may provide a streamlined appearance.

28. High and tight fade

High and tight fade

A high and tight fade is more similar to a military haircut. In addition to being practical and short, these haircuts may also be highly fashionable. Men who don't want to spend time or money on their hair may choose this low-maintenance alternative. With the military fade, you'll get a professional look, which works well in various contexts. You can change the length of the hair on top to get a different style, and it still looks chic and fabulous.

29. Side hard part with fade

Side hard part with fade

The crisp stripe carved into the hair is called the "hard part." To get this look, you must shave down to the scalp. It also goes well with a wide range of hair types and styles, making it a very adaptable choice. The hard component may also provide a tidy and finished look when used with fades, such as a high fade. This hairstyle has a fade that begins at the temples and ends with a longer top. However, you may wear this haircut with a wide range of other styles and fades. Consult with your barber to select the look that best suits your personality while emphasizing your facial features.

30. Messy hair with fade

Messy hair with fade

This haircut is the best option for those who appreciate the look of messy hair but aren't quite good at maintaining it. A messy hairstyle may be just as elegant as a structured one when you style it correctly. A modest fade is an elegant choice to prevent your messy style from looking like an untidy bedhead. Thanks to this simple addition, your hair will seem tidy, which keeps the sides of your hair short and edgy.

The Fade Haircut's Styling Tips

The faded haircuts have been in fashion for a long time and maybe styled in various ways. As long as the sides of your hair are faded, you've got a fade haircut, regardless of the length of your hair on top. Choosing a pompadour hairdo may also give you a retro impression. Pomade is your best buddy if you want to achieve a traditional pompadour's high-shine look. You'll need to apply some hairspray to keep your style in place when demonstrating a firm grip and a high gloss.

A matte-effect product on top of a high fade will give the hair a disheveled, fashionable appearance. However, for any other style that needs texture, use a salt spray or gel to attain a texture on top of the hair.

Hairstyles like quiffs are ideal if you like a less subtle appearance. You don't want your hair to be too glossy, so use a matte gel or cream to restyle it as needed during the day.

How to maintain the Fade Haircut

Having a faded haircut means that it will eventually grow out and seem unfaded. However, if you want to maintain a clean-cut look, you'll need to make frequent barber visits. It would be great if you visit your barber after every two to three weeks so that your hair may maintain its greatest fade.

Generally speaking, the more faded a haircut is, the more time and effort is required to maintain it. So choose a faded hairstyle that suits your style and routine best. A fade only looks its best for 3 or 4 weeks, depending on the hair growth, so arrange your date/job interview around this time. 


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