Gatsby Hairstyle: A Hairstyle for Everyone

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Gatsby Hairstyle

In the 1920s, almost a hundred years ago, Gatsby hairstyle was one of the most prevalent hairstyles and every woman loved it. This is an old Hollywood style and used to show the class and status of fashionable women. It is still considered a great hairstyle and instantly changes a woman's look. Even to this day, women are fond of Gatsby's hairstyle and they wear it on various occasions, like birthday parties, prom parties or even at weddings. We have seen celebrities like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry rocking this hairstyle on red carpets.

How To Make Gatsby Hairstyle?

Gatsby Hairstyle isn’t quite easy to do but it is still doable at home if you are patient and determined. To make Gatsby hairstyle you need hairspray, curling iron, bobby pins and of course bejeweled hair accessories.
 At first, wash your hair and blow-dry them for a great volume. Now you need to partition your hair into different sections and curl them using a small size rod. Take each curl and pin them on top using a hairpin, spray whole hair using a hairspray. Now after a while remove all hairpins and take the front section of the hair and brush the curls using your fingers. Now gradually hold the curls using pins around the face and use hairspray. Make a messy updo at the back and secure it using hair elastic and bobby pins. Now take your favorite jewelry piece and fix it. You will be shocked to look at yourself in the mirror.

When To Choose This Hairstyle?

This hairstyle is not for simple events but is for special occasions. You can either choose this hairstyle for your wedding day because it will make you look extra. This hairstyle can be made on all hair lengths and it suits all face shapes.
You can also modernize Gatsby hairstyle by curling your hair and keeping them open. Then do side portioning and add a jewelry piece. If you don’t own a jewelry piece, then you can also make Gatsby hairstyle using an earring. Just secure the stopper side with bobby pins.
A Gatsby hairstyle can be still rocked today, and you would be considered modern and fashionista. You will receive millions of compliments on this hairstyle and all eyes will be surely on you. You can rock this hairstyle with short dresses, maxi dresses, and long dresses. A lot of celebrities and models are fans of Gatsby hairstyles and we can see them everywhere. Following are some of the great looks of Gatsby hairstyle which you can even try at home. Have a look at them:
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