20 Hairstyles Of Asin Thottumkal To Get Inspired

Asin Thottumkal Hairstyles

Asin Thottumkal Hairstyles

Asin thottumkal, the former Bollywood actress who rose to the success with his super hit debut Ghajini enjoyed a special place in the Indian film industry. Now, she has left the showbiz and enjoying her life as a mother. Asin has started her career as a South Indian actress and left a strong mark with her acting skills. That's why people know her as Queen of Kollywood, and pride of the South Indian industry. Apart from Ghajini, the actress has also worked in several 100-crore club Bollywood movies.
Asin is quite popular among her fans due to her fashion sense and charming style. She never fails to impress the media and her followers. Whether it is traditional or the western, the actress knows how to carry different attires with elegance and comfort. When it comes to hairstyles, you can see the actress mostly in open hairs, which suits her pretty well. But from time to time, she tries new hairstyles that go well with her personality. Here we are recapping Asin's hairstyle statement and her fashion evolution over the years.

60’s Inspired Beehive Bun:

60’s Inspired Beehive Bun
Beehive bun is a retro hairstyle that was quite famous in the late '60s. It got his name from its beehive-like shape. To get the 60's inspired beehive fun, you have to pile up your long hairs in conical shape on the top of the head. It looks tricky to get, but it is easier than you think. Asin has donned the beehive bun with the cream dress, gorgeous jewelry, and minimal makeup.

Asin Long Curly Open Hairstyle:

Asin Long Curly Open Hairstyle
A long hairstyle is so much fun and offers a lot of versatility, especially when you have curly hairs. If you have full long thick curly hair, the best way to wear them is to leave the hair open. To hold the curls at the place, use a hair spray to avoid any mess. Asin is carrying the long curls with middle parting for extra volume and texture. The hairstyle is easy to carry no matter what the event is.

Big Puffy Half-Up Hairstyle:

Big Puffy Half-Up Hairstyle
Puffy hairstyles are also one of the retro styles which most of the Bollywood and Hollywood heroines worn in the early '70s. The puffs are quite popular and back in the trend. You can put on the puff with different styles like Asin carried it with the half-up hairstyle and leaving the back hairs to fall on the shoulder. The puffy hairstyle gives the illusion of height and gives shape to your face.

Frizzy And Messy Wavy Hairstyle:

Frizzy And Messy Wavy Hairstyle
In a rush and don’t have any idea how to wear your frizzy and messy hair? Well, we have got the best hairstyle to tame your frizzy wavy hair. To make your hairs look less frizzy, leave your long thick waves open to fall on the shoulder. Asin is looking drop-dead gorgeous in this middle-parted messy wavy hairstyle.

Twisted Half-Up Indian Hairstyle:

Twisted Half-Up Indian Hairstyle
Twists are great Indian hairstyles to try out when you want to keep your front hair off from the face and want to make things less complicated. Half up twisted hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to carry your long hairs. Separate your hairs from the middle, take the front strands into a twist and leave the rest to fall on the shoulder. It is a perfect hairstyle for formal and casual events.

Leave Over Open Hairstyle:

Leave Over Open Hairstyle
If you don't want to try hard on styling and love the smart simple hair look, leave over hairstyle is perfect for you. When you are busy and running out of time, give a quick fix to your hair with leave over open style. It is an easy hairstyle which you can get in no time, and it is suitable for all hair lengths. Try this new Asin hairstyle to give yourself a youthful look with no effort.

Long Straight Hairs With A Middle Parting:

Long Straight Hairs With A Middle Parting
Asin's new look is the long straight hairs with the middle part. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it is super easy and you can wear it on any occasion. The style will look good on everyone, despite the face shape and hair type. For a frizzy look of the Ghajini actress, avoid using any hair cream or spray. It is an ideal choice for women who are always on the go.

Side-Swept Voluminous Hairstyle:

Side-Swept Voluminous Hairstyle
Want to try something new with your hair but not a cut? When it comes to refreshing your look, a simple relocation of your parting can make a big difference. To make a strong impact, fix your style with a deep side-swept. The side-swept hairstyle can instantly increase the texture and adds volume to your hair. No matter what hair type and length you have, Asin's side-swept voluminous hairstyle will look good on you.

Loose Curls With A Middle Parting:

Loose Curls With A Middle Parting
Bollywood actresses have made loose curly hairstyle pretty famous. Asin has also spotted carrying the hairstyle for a photoshoot, and we have to say she is looking like a Disney princess. The actress has left the loosely curled hairs to fall on the shoulder with a middle part. You can use the hair accessories or jewelry to style the hair for a formal event. It is one of the most beautiful looks which every girl desires.

Medium Length Straight Hairs:

Medium Length Straight Hairs
It is another option when you want to leave your hair untied. If you have medium length hairs and want to have a frizzy look, it should be your ideal choice. You can further style your hair with a twist, front braid, and bangs for a modern look. It is stylish yet easy to get. You can use hair products to keep the hairstyle last for long. Try it out to get this easy yet elegant Asin hairstyle.

Messy Loose Wavy Hairstyle:

Messy Loose Wavy Hairstyle
Take advantage of your nature wavy hairs and style them into messy loose waves. The look will never get out of style because it is that glamorous and charming. The key to getting the perfect loose waves is to use sea salt spray for a lasting effect. You can brush back your hair like the Asin, or you can carry it with parting. To make the waves rest on the shoulder, blow dries your hair from the front.

Straight Open Hairs With Front Puff:

Straight Open Hairs With Front Puff
Whether it is side puff or the front one, puffy hairstyles are on the trend these days. Straight hair with a high puff is classy and effortless hairstyle. It will go best when you leave your hair open just like the Asin Thottumkal. It can be your everyday style for the office, college, or casual meet overs. To style the hairs into a puff, you just need some bobby pins or a hair clip.

Wavy Braid With Side-Swept:

Wavy Braid With Side-Swept
Wavy side-swept waves are the love of the summer season. Wavy braid hair and the side-swept are a sweet combination. It keeps your hair from the face and holds them in place for a whole day. Asin has tied all the waves into a simple braid and styled the front strands into side-swept. You will love how the two hairstyles work together for a perfect look.

Open Curly Hairs With A Middle Parting:

Open Curly Hairs With A Middle Parting
Whether you have naturally curly hair or looking to change your straight hair look, curly hair with a middle part is there for your inspiration. To recreate Asin's curly hairstyle, you need to blow dry your curls and part them down from the middle. For a glossy effect, use a shine spray. It is a simple and gorgeous way to style your hair for all the occasions.

Messy Wavy Hairstyle With A Deep Parting:

Messy Wavy Hairstyle With A Deep Parting
A hot messy wavy hairstyle is always the preference of every girl. No matter she is an influencer or the film star or the girl next door, you must have seen her wearing the wavy hairstyle once in a while. It is a gorgeous hairstyle, and when you carry it with deep parting, it gives a fuller look to your hair. Asin is carrying the messy waves with a deep part for a perfect party look.

Romantic Wavy Low Bun:

Messy Wavy Hairstyle With A Deep Parting
Beautiful romantic and the messy wavy low bun is an ideal choice for a prom or date night. This hairstyle is a good option for naturally wavy hairs because of the texture. The style is also called twist-tuck bun hairstyle because you twist hairs into a pony and then tuck it in to get the bun. Carry the romantic wavy low bun for an appealing look. Asin is looking young and modern in the wavy low bun.

Side-Swept Classy Low Bun:

Side-Swept Classy Low Bun
Whether you have long hairs or medium, you can always look classy and gorgeous with a side-swept low bun. If your front hair is on one side and the rest into a low bun, your look will be more than a fairy tale. The look will go perfectly with a saree or any other traditional outfit. The South Indian actress used a gajra to enhance the bun.

Voluminous Long Curly Hairstyle:

Voluminous Long Curly Hairstyle
When you want an effortlessly fashionable look for your curly hair, you should try out voluminous open curls. It is the perfect way to carry your curls when you don’t have enough time to try different hairstyles. Asin is looking fabulous yet decent with voluminous open curls. Just tousle your hair casually for the added texture and volume. It is a pretty look for thick curly hairs.

Straight Open Hairstyle With Front Twists:

Straight Open Hairstyle With Front Twists
You are lucky if you have long straight hairs because it is versatile, and you can pull off any hairstyle without putting much effort. It is time to give your long straight hair a new life by styling them into twists at the crown area. It is one of the best easiest hairstyles for weddings and festive events. To get the gorgeous look of Asin, start twisting your hairs from the middle parting, and secure them with bobby pins at sides.

Side-Swept Bangs With Waves:

Side-Swept Bangs With Waves
No matter how you are carrying your bangs, they make a big difference in your look and personality. Bangs not only transform your hairstyle but also your face shape and look. Side bangs are becoming popular nowadays, and you can see Asin adorning her wavy hairs with side-swept bangs. The hairstyle has completely changed the look of the actress. The vintage appearance is giving us nostalgia.


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