Short Hairstyles for Fat Women

Short hairstyles for fat women

 Short Hairstyles for Fat Women

Short hairstyles have a lot to bring to the face of a fat woman. And what is common, is that these women choose to wear their hair short. Their short hairstyles have a completely new look than the look on a regular person. the dose of edginess and playfulness is dominant in almost every short hairstyle, that makes them unique and appropriate for the face. Here are some cool short hairstyles that fat women can explore: 

Asymmetric Short Hair For Fat Women:

This sharp hairstyle is consisted with lots of layering and change of length. The top portion of the hair is what dominated the hairstyle, while the lower one presents the ends. The hair is parted with a deep side part and the entire hair is straight. The entire hairstyle is short, with the longest strands reaching the neck.
Asymmetric short hair Fat Women

Wavy Pixie For Overweight Women:

The wavy pixie is modern take on the regular short hairstyle. This is a look that looks elegant and regal. The layering is present throughout the hair, where the top portion of the hair is more dominant than the lower one. The parting on the head gives the entire hairstyle a direction and it is done in soft waves.
fat girl honey colored Wavy Pixie

Short Bob For Chubby Face Women:

Nothing beats a trendy and modern look like a bob. The bob is a hairstyle that fits all face types and shapes and looks good on women who do not want to spend lots of time doing their hair. The good thing about the bob is that it can be done straight, wavy or curly. Whichever the option, it will look good.
Plus size women Short Bob

Layered And Curly For Fat Women:

This type of hairstyle usually requires a straight cut. The part can be in the middle or to the side. The entire hair is layered but it is not very sharp. The curls start immediately after the roots and they fall to the sides. 
Fat Women Layered And Curly Hairstyle

Bowl Cut For Round Faces Women:

The regular bowl cut requires shaved sides or a bald undercut. However, this look is not so drastic. The sides are cut short, still keeping the feminine look of the hairstyle. The hair is parted with a deep part, but it starts somewhere in the middle. Before that, there are side bangs that go over the forehead. 

Asian Fat Worrm Bowl Cut Hairstyle

Side-Swept Short Haircut For Fat Women:

The side-swept short cut focuses on both the cut and styling. It is all done to the side, and then the ends can be layered or straight. The length of the top portion of the hair dominates the entire hairstyle and it does not go over the ears. The other side is cut short and there are some short baby bangs.

Fat Women Side-Swept Short Haircut

Messy And Wet-Look Hairstyle For Plus Size Women:

This hairstyle has more to with styling than the itself. The entire hair is pulled back and upwards. The part divides the hair and the use of hair products gives the hair texture and definition. The sides are slicked to the back, and the entire hairstyle is messy and casual. The styling upwards gives the hairstyle a bigger and more voluminous look.


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