Shefali Bagga Hairstyles

Shefali Bagga Hairstyles

Shefali Bagga Hairstyles

Shefali Bagga is an anchor and journalist, she was born on 1 July 1994, in New Delhi. She was one of the contestants at the Bigg Boss 13 reality show. She has a young and beautiful face, and she has a good taste of style as well. Here are some of her hairstyles.

Shefali Bagga Medium Brunette Hairstyle:
The hairstyle is middle parted and styled to flow on both sides. She looks young and cute in this medium hairstyle.
Shefali Bagga Medium Brunette Hairstyle

Side Part Brunette End With Black Roots:
This hairstyle is one of the trending hairstyles this year, and Shef as what her friends and family call her, she has pulled a stunning look with this hairstyle.
Side Part Brunette End With Black Roots

Medium Brunette With Layers:
This hairstyle is on another level, up there, the color is perfect for the casual wear. The hair is styled to the middle part.
Medium Brunette With Layers
Brunette Silky With Waves:
The hairstyle is silky and attractive, and it is styled to a middle-part to bring a balance on the fantastic look. The hair color is perfect for her color tone.
Brunette Silky With Waves

Black Roots With Brunette Ends:
We cannot assume the fact that Shef loves the brunette color on her hair; she knows that it goes well with her and not dull.
Black Roots With Brunette Ends

Mid Part With Black Roots:
Shefali here looks sexy, and she is so adorable. The hairstyle is middle-part with black roots, and the rest of the hair is brunette.
 Mid Part With Black Roots

Mid-Part Long Hair With Waves:
The hair is soft and shiny, the hairstyle brings out a star look, and indeed she is a star. The hair is styled to a mid-part, and the roots are straight, and the ends are wavy.
Mid-Part Long Hair With Waves

Shefali Bagga Black Medium Hairstyle:
Shefali here at work in the media house, The hair is black with a reflection of red tone from the back. The hairstyle is medium with wavy ends.
Shefali Bagga Black Medium Hairstyle

Black Roots With Yellow Tone Ends:
The hairstyle is messy and beautiful at the same time. It is medium in size with black roots and a yellow tone. The hair is swept on one side of the head. It is the right color for attracting the attention it deserves.
Black Roots With Yellow Tone Ends

Black Silky Hairstyle:
This hairstyle is a significant break from brunette hairstyles, and the hair looks thicker and medium in size, it has waves that complete the excellent look.
Black Silky Hairstyle

Shefali Bagga Medium Mid-part Hairstyle:
She is now a fashion stopper with this look, and the hairstyle goes well with the outfit. She looks lovely, the hair is styled to a mid-part, and the with black roots and brunette ends. The hairstyle looks shiny and beautiful.
Shefali Bagga Medium Mid-part Hairstyle


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