Mahira Sharma Hairstyles

Mahira Sharma Hairstyles

Mahira Sharma is an Indian television actress and model. She came to the limelight after playing the role of Shilpi in the television series ''Y.A.r.O Ka Tashan''. Mahira Sharma was one of the contestants at the Bigg Boss 13 reality show. She has one brother and nothing much known about her parents. She has acted in several TV series and has appeared in several music videos. She has a good taste of style, and here are some of her hairstyles.

Brunette Hairdo With Accessories:
The hairstyle is styled to a ponytail and some hair on the front left and styled to a center part with flowing curls to both sides. The accessories look good on the curly hairstyle.

Mahira Sharma Long Brunette With Layers:
The hairstyle is parted at the side, with the hair on the crown lifted a little bit. The hair is straight with layers. The hair color goes well with the maroon dress.

Long Brunette With Wave:
The hairstyle is styled to a center part, and it is long and wavy. The hair is good to rock a casual look, and it is easy to style.

Long Curly Brunette Hairstyle:
The hairstyle is one of the trending hairstyles, and a must-try too many women who love having a stunning look. The hair is long and curly ends.

Mahira Sharma Long Blonde Hairstyle:
The hairstyle is long and parted at the center, some of the hair on the top is styled to a ponytail, and the rest of the hair is left freely. The hair is long and straight, and it is a great casual hairstyle.

Mahira Sharma Brunette Hair Updo:
This hairstyle is a bride's look hairstyle, and she is lovely and cute. The brunette hair is neatly styled together on the crown and few strands of hair left on the sides.

Brunette Roots With Blonde Ends:
The hair is medium, and the colors have blended in perfectly. The hair is parted at the center, and the hair is moved to the back, and few lefts to fall on the sides of the face.

Long Silky Hairstyle With Layers:
The hairstyle has a deep center part, and it is long and silky. The brunette with layers hairstyle is gorgeous on Mahira Sharma. 

Mahira Sharma Long Hairstyle:
The hair has a side part, and it is silky and long. It is an excellent look to stand out in a crowd. And it is a good casual look.

Brunette With Blonde Ends:
The hairstyle is straight and flattering; it is long and has a part in the middle. The hairstyle can be rocked on an official event or casual event.

Mahira Sharma Brunette With Curls:
The hairstyle has a youthful vibe, and you cannot help but stare at Mahira Sharma on this hairstyle, the hair looks soft and delicate the same with her face.


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