New And Fresh Pixie Hairstyles To Try Out

Pixie Hairstyles

 Pixie Hairstyles

The pixie is a hairstyle that is considered as a daring and playful one, most commonly connected to women who are more extrovert, open and willing to leave and impression. However, the pixie cut today can be done in various options that satisfy the tastes of all those who want either softer or edgier look. The pixie is perfect for women with fine, thin hair, who want to wear it short but still add something playful to the entire look. These are some style that everyone thinking of doing a pixie can try out:

Curly Undercut Pixie:

Lately, women are enjoying having shaved sides or adding and undercut to their hairstyle. The undercut is what brings the edge to the hairstyle and makes it as unique as possible. Doing an undercut pixie on a curly hair is interesting and one of a kind. The undercut comes high on the sides, while the top is left curly, a bit layered and falls to one of the sides, over the undercut.

Curly Undercut Pixie

Side-Swept Pixie:

The side-swept pixie is very cute and feminine hairstyle that can be done with different length of the hair. It can also be done is a certain asymmetry, that will be visible to the sides. The side part is recommended because it defines the hair flow and styling. The length at the back is short, just above the neck, while the top parts are longer and reach the ears. 

Side-Swept Pixie

Pixie With Shaved Undercut And Choppy Top:

A bit more daring look comes with the combination of shaved undercut and choppy top. Although this might be considered as a boyish look, lots of women go for it because it is quite unique. The undercut is low, bald shaved while the top is choppy and short, with lots of texture and definition.

Pixie With Shaved Undercut And Choppy Top

Creative Pixie:

The pixie offers a lot of possibilities to be creative and explore different looks. as the shaved sides and the undercut come as a nice and interesting addition to the cut, the top can be also styled to have a bowl look. This can certainly be modified towards the shape of the head and styled towards the front, side or the back. The addition of the sharp side line is very trendy and bold.

Creative Pixie


Soft And Curly Pixie

Pixie cut and the soft curls are a winning combination. Women with naturally curly hair can try out this cut because it is beautiful and it does not take a lot of time for styling. Everything lies in the proper layering. The sides are short, and going to the top, the curls become more dense and intense. They are free to fall to the sides, but still styled in the precise form of a pixie cut.

Soft And Curly Pixie

Wavy Pixie

Wavy pixie is maybe one the most fashionable and elegant pixie hairstyles. It is perfect for women who have wavy or natural loose curls. With the difference in the cut, it opens various options for styling. If there is asymmetry, only the front parts can be wavy and the other straight, and if the cut is equal to the sides, then the entire hair can be wavy.

Wavy Pixie

Long Pixie:

Pixies are by default short, but the experimenting with longer hair also provides great hairstyles. The long pixies comes form the top of the hair that is left long, layered just a bit, and it can be styled however the person wearing it likes. the sides are short and together they create a nice contrast in the hairstyle. 

Long Pixie

Pixie cuts are a bit forgotten hairstyles that are very easy to style and maintain. The options are numerous, they look well on different hair colors and there is a lot of space to experiment and explore with the cut. 


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