Irresistible and stunning short locs style for short hair women

locks style for short hair women

Short Loc Styles For Females

Locs are among the most iconic hairstyles and have been universally popular among different cultures. The locs were known as a religious symbol but are now known as a new fashion worldwide. Many new fashion styles have emerged from this hairstyle because of its versatility and adaptability. It is one of the simple and protective hairstyles that don't stress your scalp, locs the natural moisture of your hair, and promotes natural growth. You don't need as much time or effort to style dreadlocks since they are easy to carry and require minimum care. So, no matter what’s your hair texture or hair length, you can rock this hairstyle effortlessly.


Short locks hairstyles are popular among women because they let them exhibit their personality and creativity. This style is a long-term fashion staple and gives confidence to every woman. Choosing your style and comfort, you may go from classically bold to loudly rebellious to utterly extravagant and fancy, as these dreadlocks match everyone's persona. No matter how you wear them, dreadlocks are a certain way to make a fashion statement.

So, if you want to try this new trend or are curious about which loc hairstyles can offer you a stunning appearance. Then let us show you a few of the sexiest and most adaptable short-loc hairstyles that sure suit your taste.

1. Baby locs style for short hair women

Baby locks style for short hair women

The baby locs are the simplest and easiest dreadlock style ever. It is a low-maintenance look and is assessable for beginners. Baby locs, or starting locs, are the most difficult stage of dreadlock growth for newcomers. However, baby hair may be styled with simplicity and refinement as well. So, if you have short hair or are struggling with hair growth, you should try baby locs.

2. Side-swept locs style for short hair women

Side-swept locks style for short hair women

The short dreadlocks styles for women are fantastic, so why not try something different? You'll be blown away by the boldness and sexiness it gives to your appearance. You can style this short dreadlock style easily without braiding or extra pinning. You can also experiment with natural hair colors to accentuate the looks. For this look, secure one side of the locs at the back of the head and lose the other side freely. It looks fabulous both with your casual or party wear. 

3. Faux locs style for short hair women

Faux locks style for short hair women

Fashionable hairstyles are a favorite among ladies who aren't afraid to experiment with their looks. But styling may cause damage to your hair. So if you want a new look and want to protect your hair simultaneously, this style is perfect for you. The faux loc is a protective style that allows you to grow your natural hair without damage. Because, unlike other styles, faux locs use extensions and may be worn by anybody, regardless of their hair type. Let the locs be left open for a casual yet modern look.

4. Finger waves style for short hair women

Finger waves style for short hair women

Finger waves are a great option for women who want to stand out from the crowd. It gives you a more casual and fashionable vibe. This style is perfect for shoulder-length hair. Finger waves are so easy that you don’t need special equipment to achieve this look. For this effortless look, shape the damp dreads into waves or undulations with your fingertips. Let them dry until the waves set. This look draws attention to your face because all of the hair is tied to the head crown. So, rock this look with a neutral color lipstick and some statement jewelry.

5. Sister locs style for short hair women

Sister locks style for short hair women

These locs are called micro locs because of their tiny size. They provide many styling options because of their modest size and versatility. This starting loc style is popular for folks who often want to change things. You can choose a bold hue for your hair to accentuate your fearless personality. It looks fierce and incredible that you could wear them on all occasions. An experienced sister locs specialist should do this initial loc since it is time-consuming and necessitates a specialized approach. These small crochet dreads last for weeks and yet look great.

6. Dreadlock Mohawk style for short hair women

Dreadlock Mohawk style for short hair women

Mohawk is the most popular of the several female dread hairstyles since it is so simple to put up with short hair. Wrapping your dreads in a Mohawk is a great way to accentuate your badass qualities. Dreadlocks are warped into twists at the head crown area to create a bold and stylish look. Mohawk-type dreads are applied to short to medium-length hair. It does not look overstyled and suits all face shapes. To get this look, dreadlocks are pulled back from the sides and braided in the middle of the head. It is a perfect blend of the boldness and simplicity that suits all formal and informal party outfits.

7. Topknot style for short hair women

Topknot style for short hair women

Topknot is so common that you've undoubtedly seen it in every dreadlock-style picture collection you've visited. This style is ideal when your hair has grown long enough to produce a lovely topknot. Make a flawless bun on the top of the head, and leave the tips slightly exposed since your hair is short. It is a great combination of a bun and a high pony, giving you an elegant look. If you have a broad forehead, let loose the locs on the forehead for face-framing. It is a style that women of all ages may wear and perfectly suit their personalities.

8. Inverted bob style for short hair women

Inverted bob style for short hair women

As the name implies, an inverted bob inverts the standard bob to fit the wearer's tastes. Inverted asymmetry is a great way to wear short hair in a chic way. The dreads are flicked asymmetrically for the inverted effect, with one side longer than the other. Undoubtedly this hairstyle is among the most beautiful dreadlocks for women in modern times. A bob's timeless appeal lies in its combination of sleek and traditional elements. Dreadlocks with an asymmetrically cut bob give you a chic and plush appearance. It is suitable for any length or texture because of its versatility.

9. Pixie locs style for short hair women

Inverted bob style for short hair women

These short dreadlocks are the ideal alternative to traditional women's dread styles. It may give your dreadlocks an updated look with a contemporary vibe. Pixie locs are also great for really short and naturally curly hair. You can style these locs in various colors for a bold appearance. The locs are suitable for both formal and informal events. The style doesn't need a lot of effort and time. Style your natural curls with a little twist and neatly organize them in a pixie manner to achieve this simple look.

10. Classic bob style for short hair women

Classic bob style for short hair women


Sometimes, you don’t need much effort or time to get a beautiful hairstyle. You can even look fabulous in a simple hairstyle without complicating the hairstyling. The classic bob is ready to go hairstyle that may wear by all ages. Get this simple and chic look by organizing the locs in a typical way and kept free around the face like a classical bob cut. The bob locs are so easy to carry and need low maintenance. In addition to being simple, this style elegantly frames the face, exactly like a traditional bob cut. You can experiment with this style with different colors and hair accessories to spice things up.

11. Messy or freeform locs for short hair women

Messy or freeform locks for short hair women

Some ladies love a messy look as they are comfortable in their style. Many black teens prefer this hairstyle as it is comfy and gives them a unique look. To achieve this freestyle look, twist dreads and then push a few hairs to the side. Place your hair at the back of the head or let them free for a perfect messy look. Even if it has a messy appearance, it still looks good on all face shapes.

12. Tip dyed locs for short hair women

Tip dyed locks for short hair women

Dreadlocks are a rebellious style that may be spiced up with different colors. It can always be colored to overpower the boring look. The highlighted locs perfectly go with every skin tone and enhance your beauty and confidence. Bright colors might be overpowering for some people, so why not go with a more subtle tone instead?  Short dreadlocks in brown are a popular choice for women. It's an eye-catching color that's sure to draw attention. Short locs with highlighted tips give your face a new dimension and enhance your features. So, this kind of dreadlock is a good option for those women who wants a statement look.

13. Blonde dreadlocks style for short hair women

Blonde dreadlocks style for short hair women

A dread style is a terrific option for women to experiment with. When we are talking about experimenting with hair, the first thing that comes to our minds is a color change. But perfect hair color may be challenging for some women.  Blonde hair is always on everyone's wishlist, as this look is classy and sassy. These blonde dreadlocks go perfectly with black women's skin tone and accentuate their beautiful features. This blonde look never fades away and always gives you a sexy and bold appearance.

14. Curly locs style for short hair women

Curly locks style for short hair women

Dreadlocks may be styled into curls to create different looks. The curly version of the dreadlocks gives you glamorous looks. It's a great way to add a modern twist to an old-school design while still appearing fantastic. You may curl your dreadlocks in various ways, either with a hair roller or any other setting spray or lotion, and they'll still look fantastic. The best part about these dreadlock curls is that they appear beautiful with a gorgeously rough texture, enhancing their prominence and attractiveness. It's also an advantage that these curls stay in place longer than curls on straight hair. Try this style with different curls and see which curls work best for you.

15. Bantu knots dreads for short hair women

Bantu knots dreads for short hair women

Bantu knots symbolize self-love and pride. It looks great when it wear with dreadlocks. This hairstyle is always a favorite of many women worldwide. Bantu knots represent the culture and give you a spectacular and remarkable look. Some women like to add colors to these knots to make them more prominent and attractive. Make little buns and knots of dreads in small sections of the hair and secure them with a tie for this amazing and unique look. So, if you're looking for something unique, picturesque, and remarkable looks while staying within your budget, you may give this hairstyle a shot.

16. Twisted locs style for short hair women

Twisted locks style for short hair women

Twists and dreads are always a good combination, giving you the best of both worlds.  Twisted dreadlocks for short hair are an attractive style that gives you a fashionable and refined appearance. It is a great option for protecting your hair with twisting powers. The finest part of this hairstyle is that it can look good with any hair texture and add volume to your hair. But it takes longer to create dreads with this procedure than in other ways. However, it seems better after a retouch and is easy to manage. You can wear your locs down or in an updo according to your style. These twisted locs give you a bold and fierce look. So, you can wear them on your romantic date or any other formal party.

17. Rasta dreads style for short hair women

Rasta dreads style for short hair women

Rastafarians wear dreadlocks as a sign of their faith. This look connects you with your African heritage and allows your natural hair to grow naturally. These locs are appealing because of their earthy, mysterious appeal. This kind of dread is free of any artificial methods when creating them. These beautiful locs may be created in two ways: organically or with crochet. These dreads can't be massaged, cut, or rolled, but they can be cleaned just like any other dreads! You can wear them freely down or in a knot or bun.

18. Bohemian dreads style for short hair women

Bohemian dreads style for short hair women

Dreadlocks are connected with natural beauty and a sense of spirituality, so why not go for the Boho style? Bohemian dreads are always connected with the earth and symbolize free spirit. This style is perfect for all you free souls out there. Decorate your locs with pearls, flowers, shells, and beads from the natural world. This fashion and accessory style creates a peaceful and natural feel, so it's perfect for you if you share such preferences.


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