Pageboy Hairstyle

Pageboy Hairstyle

Pageboy Hairstyle

The Pageboy hairstyle is truly a classic. It has withstood ages of change. Further, it has moved from the head of the young pageboy to that of the chic woman everywhere. This timeless hairstyle suits women of all ages and brings out the right confidence and elegance.

Read ahead to know more about this hairstyle.

What is a Pageboy Hairstyle?

If you think of the elegant pages in medieval history, you will get the right idea about this hairstyle. The Pageboy hairstyle was once worn by the Pages of this time before it made to the pages of fashion magazines everywhere. The hairstyle was not just restricted to the western world but was even worn in ancient Egypt.

They wore it to chin-length with straight bangs in front. From these ancient depictions, this lovely style gained popularity in the 1920s and was a rage yet again in the 1960s and 70s.

For women who opted for this hairstyle in the 60s and 70s, the Pageboy hairstyle became synonymous with an attitude of freedom and independence. The hairstyle itself exuded an air of self-confidence and assuredness. 

At the time, it coincided with the growing women’s movement as they launched into independent careers at an exciting time. In the beginning, the hairstyle was sported largely by young women but was soon adopted by women across all ages.

What does the Pageboy Hairstyle Look Like?

This hairstyle is a rather symmetrical hairstyle with clean geometric lines. Women wear it at various lengths. Some accentuate it with bangs and others with color. It sits in a straight line around your face. Even if you have bangs, they will sit straight around your face and cover your ears.

This hairstyle can be made extremely short to sit similar to a man’s haircut. Here are the various ways in which you can get a good Pageboy haircut.

Pageboy Haircut with Bangs

This is the most popular Pageboy haircut is a favorite of fashion industry insiders. Worn by popular names like Anna Wintour and by Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, this is an incredibly chic variation.

The Bangs are cut thick and straight across the forehead. It is often worn in the natural hair color. At times, people even opt for a brightly colored mane in a Pageboy hairstyle.

Pageboy Haircut with Bangs
Pageboy Haircut with Bangs
Pageboy Haircut with Bangs
Pageboy Haircut with Bangs

Pageboy Haircut Without Bangs

Another alternative to the pageboy haircut is this lovely option without the bangs. In this version, the forehead is left uncovered by the hair. This is a popular version worn by Hollywood actresses in the 1930s.

The hair is usually cut up to the shoulder, and the ends are often curled in. For a vintage look, opt for a side part with this hairstyle.

Pageboy Haircut Without Bangs
Pageboy Haircut Without Bangs
Pageboy Haircut Without Bangs
Pageboy Haircut Without Bangs

The Short Pageboy Haircut

This haircut is a great option if you want to sport your hair extremely short. Note that the back of this hairstyle will end at the nape of your neck. The front will skim your chin to just cover your ear.

This is a chic and bold variation of the Pageboy hairstyle. It highlights your features, jawline, and cheekbones for a sculpted look. You can opt for added volume for a slight bounce in the hair.

How to Style Your Pageboy Hairstyle?

This hairstyle looks best when it is straight and symmetrical. To give it a great finish, add shine spray on the top and ends of your hair. This makes sit elegantly on your head. If you want a precise look, curl the ends of your hair inward.

This adds a good volume to your Pageboy Hairstyle. For a retro look, add wax. This will give your hair a vintage finish. 

For a slight deviation and a romantic texture, add some waves into your hair. With some volume-adding products, you can create the ultimate romantic hair.

Why Should You Opt for a Pageboy Hairstyle?

If you have your eye on the Pageboy hairstyle, here is why you should get it.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your hair when you opt for a Pageboy Hairstyle is a cakewalk. You simply have to wash it, and it should dry in no time. Further, you will need very few products to put them in order.

Ideal for Summer

If you don't like the heat on your hair, this is maybe the preferred haircut for you. The shorter styles will keep the hair off your neck and keep it cool. It is ideal for the summer months, and you won't have to worry about keeping your hair up and yourself cool.

Makes You Look and Feel Young

This no-fuss hairstyle frames your features right and makes you look young. If you have fine features, it accentuates it further by putting the spotlight on them. It also emphasizes the neck, making it look long and elegant.


Whether you need a hairstyle for hot summer afternoons or solemn winter nights, this hairstyle will keep you looking chic and elegant. Further, it is a no-fuss haircut that requires little maintenance. Hence, it is a great option for busy women everywhere.


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