Jacqueline Fernandez Hairstyles with Haircut Name

Jacqueline Fernandez Hairstyles

Jacqueline Fernandez Hairstyles

Jacqueline Fernandez is a Sri Lankan actress who also won the Miss Universe Sri Lanka Pageant. She is also a former model, but made Bollywood debut in 2009 with the movie Aladdin and never looked into the past since. The actress has established a successful career in the industry. She has made her place among the top names of the Bollywood.  Jacqueline is also the brand ambassador of many big companies and also active in charity work.

Apart from her successful career, the Sri Lankan model is also known for her style statements. From statement-worthy attires to the glamorous hairstyles, Jacqueline has given us some style goals. Since the beginning of her career, she has opted for several hairstyles to experiment with different looks. We have gathered some of the best Jacqueline Fernandez hairstyles to date.


Classic Bun With A Middle Part:

Classic Bun With A Middle Part

Buns have by no means long past out of style. Jacqueline Fernandez’s signature classic bun with a middle part is the stuff of beauty legends. The bun is one of the most flexible hairstyles of all time. It has transcended time over and over again to turn out to be a company favorite within the hairstyling world. You can discover a bun for every occasion, whether it’s for a wedding or an all-night time celebration.


Double Dutch Braid Ponytail

Double Dutch braid ponytail

Tossing in two Dutch braids is a simple manner to make your boing pony a little extra lovely. This fashion works nicely on second or third-day hair when it's too dirty to wear out, however now not dirty enough to decide to a messy bun. If the last time you did braid when Jacqueline ruled your life, you're missing out on easily the quality hairstyle for disguising dirty, dead, and blah hair. And the way to its messy braids and wrapped ponytail, this fashion is not anything like the playground favorite from your childhood.


High Ponytail With Bangs

High Ponytail With Bangs

We're all responsible for it: pressing the snooze button one too regularly and now have no time to fashion our hair. Luckily, even though, ponytails had been invented for such scenarios! But while the humble ponytail has become your cross-to look, you can begin to sense the need for a refresh. Jacqueline is a pro at the bangs and ponytail look. Ponytail with bangs is a coiffure. To get the hairstyle, you have to pull back hair from the face, accumulate at the back of the head, secure with a tie or any hair accessory, and style with a perimeter in the front. With this edgy hairstyle, you'll make a completely informal look that catches each person's eyes!

Jacqueline Fernandez Double Dutch Braid

Jacqueline Fernandez Double Dutch Braid

Double Dutch braids (sincerely 2 Dutch braids worn in one look) are an amusing opportunity to the ever-famous French braid, and getting to know how to create them couldn’t be less strenuous. Here is a brief guide to you. Start by applying dry shampoo to present your hair texture and grip for braiding. Divide your hair into two halves and start braiding by Taking a small portion from one 1/2 of your hair and start to separate it into three same sections. Ensuring that your hair sections are of the identical size is critical, as this could give you an even weave and a perfect finish. Okay, so that you're prepped and equipped to learn how to create a double Dutch braid. To begin, take your three sections from the front of your hair and cross the right strand beneath (now not over) the middle strand, then pass the left strand underneath the middle strand. Now begin to upload a number of your loose hair into your sections as you weave. Once you attain the nape of your neck, you may pick out to either go away the rest of your hair free or hold to braid until the ends!


Jacqueline Fernandez French Twist Updo

Jacqueline Fernandez French Twist Updo

A twisted updo that won’t ever go out of style. Every woman must know how to master at least one formal vintage hairstyle, just like the French twist updo style. You in no way recognize when you have an event that requires the appearance. The French twist is one of the easiest vintage hairstyles to create, and it's a glance that the receiver’s ever exit of style. This traditional look may be suitable for weddings, dinner dates, to the office, or an antique-themed party. What we do in the end is make it out of the comforts of our very own abodes!


Jacqueline Fernandez High Ponytail

Jacqueline Fernandez High Ponytail

From the ‘snatched’ High pony to the sleek low-slung ponytail and the ever-stylish braided model, wearing your hair up has by no means been cooler.  Spotted on fashion week runways around the world and pretty a great deal for every red carpet event, the loved ponytail has grown to be one in every of the top trending hairstyles. It doesn't look like ponytails are going anywhere – and we will see why. They're sublime, stylish, and pretty much any hair duration can pull them off.


Jacqueline Fernandez Long Dutch Braid

Jacqueline Fernandez Long Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid goes by many names, along with the "Reverse French braid." The Dutch braid is precisely like a French braid, besides that you go the strands beneath in place of over. It may additionally look complicated to a novice, but it is miles honestly pretty easy! A basic Dutch braid will work on maximum lengths of hair, when you have very short hair, bear in mind a double Dutch braid as a substitute.


Jacqueline Fernandez Long Loose Curls

Jacqueline Fernandez Long Loose Curls

Curling your hair can trade your look! Experiment with free, beachy curls, or attempt small ringlets. Prepare your hair with a protectant spray to maintain it from being broken through the heat of the iron. Curl your hair the use of the iron and then play around with the curls until they've dropped to your preferred fashion. It can be a time-ingesting manner for long hair, however, the very last result could be worth the wait.


Jacqueline Fernandez Long Messy Hairstyle

Jacqueline Fernandez Long Messy Hairstyle

The messy hair trend wasn’t always stylish. Back within the day, our moms made sure our hair changed into ideal, never letting us out the door with a single strand out of location. Little did they recognize we'd develop up to come to be the ladies that we're now, staying a few minutes in front of the reflect to add a pair greater unfastened strands throughout. They ought to be dissatisfied (and permit's now not even get started with grandma!). There’s something approximately the messy hair trend that makes it irresistibly fascinating, and we're not surprised at how runways and red carpets are never short of mattress-head appears season after season after


Jacqueline Fernandez Loose Wavy Updo

Jacqueline Fernandez Loose Wavy Updo

Wavy hair is a top-notch alternative when you do not feel like sporting your hair instantly or curly. There are infinite approaches to get wavy hair, ranging from warmness to no-warmth. Even if you have already got wavy hair, you might need to check this out; it will assist shape and tame your waves. Here is a brief description of how to make a wavy updo. Pick up hair from each side as in case you had been tying half of the ponytail. Braid it till the quit and then clip it in front. Braid the rest of your hair on the returned. Make positive each the braids are loose enough to transport around. Take both the braids and wrap them round in a bun behind your head, pinning them in area. You can role your bun to the facet or within the middle. Spritz on some hairspray to finish off the look.


Jacqueline Fernandez Low Wavy Ponytail

Jacqueline Fernandez Low Wavy Ponytail

Ponytails are no longer solely for the gym. Ponytails have taken a new turn, and now you can see the hairstyle everywhere. High ponytails were quite famous for the time being, but now girls are going for a low ponytail to make a style statement.  A low ponytail with loose waves frames your face and works on all hair lengths.  Jacqueline Fernandez has opted for a low wavy ponytail and paired it with a twist from the front.


Jacqueline Fernandez Messy Updo

Jacqueline Fernandez Messy Updo

Messy updos are there to make your hair appearance beautifully messed up like it would when you spent your day on a windy seashore or driving in a convertible with the top down. Since looking effortlessly beautiful is the factor, there's no need to be a perfectionist while you're developing these styles. Try a messy topknot, a tousled low bun, or bohemian braids subsequent time you want a look.


Jacqueline Fernandez Retro High Ponytail

Jacqueline Fernandez Retro High Ponytail

The retro flipped ponytail is a trend we should have seen coming. A vintage ponytail can be a fun everyday look. It also can be exquisite for something like a '50s subject matter birthday celebration. You can create a curled antique ponytail, create bangs with a vintage ponytail, or do a '50s inspired look. With a while and endurance, you could make a great ponytail that fits your feeling of favor.


Jacqueline Fernandez Retro Updo

Jacqueline Fernandez Retro Updo

A pinup hairstyle is an updo hairstyle where the hair or part of it is calmly rolled up or styled in big and smooth waves. Dating all of the manners back to the '40s, this updo coiffure is ideal for antique-lovers available. Pinup hairstyles exude a feminine attraction and mystique that's tough to in shape. Smooth upswept rolls, toddler bangs, waves, and perfectly coiled locks are the epitome of antique hair. While these styles can also seem complicated, with a touch exercise, our pin-up hairstyles are quite clean to master.


Jacqueline Fernandez Short Wavy Bob

Jacqueline Fernandez Short Wavy Bob

A wavy bob is a short ladies’ haircut, commonly reduce to jaw-duration (although short and mid-period variations also are popular). Originating in the 1910s and 20s, while ladies began to insurrection towards societal norms by using sporting their hair brief, it's now one of the maximum coveted hairstyles rounds. There are limitless variations of the bob, so what this fashion lacks in the period is more than makes up for in styling alternatives.


Jacqueline Fernandez Volumized Wavy Hairstyle

Jacqueline Fernandez Volumized Wavy Hairstyle

For a few, the volume can also come evidently. For some of us, quantity can look like a unicorn or elusive fairytale land usually out of attaining.  Many ladies whinge of getting limp roots that lack volume when growing wavy hair. Luckily, there are a few hints to adding frame at the roots, leaving them looking complete and voluminous. 

The first technique is to use boosting mousse. ‘Apply to the roots on damp hair, then dry while scrunching the roots. It’s in this location that hair most wishes an extra increase of quantity, so go away the mid-lengths and ends alone’. Hairspray can also be a beneficial choice.


Long Layered Hair With Bangs

Long Layered Hair With Bangs

Long layered haircut with bangs is in great demand. You must have seen many Bollywood divas pulling off the look on casual and formal events. Every girl wants a hairstyle that is trendy, convenient, and looks effortless. Layers are the best way to show off your long locks, and when paired with bangs the hairstyle is not less than of a princess. Side bangs past grazing the eye rows have softened Jacqueline's look for a recent photo-shoot.


Long Wavy Hair With Front Puff

Long Wavy Hair With Front Puff

When it comes to the styling of long wavy hair, it is best to puff them off. Puff looks gorgeous on all hair types and faces shapes. It is a simple, elegant, and perfect hairstyle which you can get in no time. If you have naturally wavy hair, you are good to go, or you can use a curling wand for smooth waves. The hairstyle looks best when paired with traditional attires.


Short Retro Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Short Retro Wavy Bob Hairstyle

A bob with defined smooth waves offers the beauty of vintage hairstyles. Retro hairstyles are always the first love of B-town celebrities.  Retro bobs are classic and super glamorous that helps you to get a vintage appearance in no time. Bobs frame the face and showoff the wave to your hair. Jacqueline has paired his textured bob with dark lipstick and may dress for a diva look.


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