Shruti Kamal Haasan Hairstyles - I Bet Will Look Good On You!

Shruti Kamal Haasan Hairstyles

Shruti Haasan Hairstyles

Shruti Kamal Haasan is an India Movie actress and singer and a daughter of legendary actor Kamal Haasan and Sarika. Shruti Haasan (born 28 January 1986) is an Indian film actress and singer who works predominantly in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi language films. Shruti Haasan is a Rock/Pop Singer and one of India's on of the most talented actresses. The Chennai-born star, who released her first single when she was just 6, emerged on the UK scene in late 2018 with sell-out gigs at The Troubadour and Soho House. Known for her powerful voice and gift for emotionally charged songwriting, Shruti became the recipient of several awards, including two Filmfare Awards South, and has established herself as one of the leading actresses of South Indian cinema.

Tamil actor Shruti Hassan, daughter of great actor Kamal Hassan surely knows how to step on the right fashion, She is one flawless beauty who never fails to keep her fans hooked to her sultry looks. This time, we caught up with her hairstyles that she had tried on, over the years, and each one seemed to accentuate her beauty even more. Shruti looks hot and flaunting in new and different styles ranging from rock-stylish to a traditional Indian modern woman. She always matches her body language and her hairstyle to whatever style she chooses.

Shruti Hassan has a long, thick and brownish hair with a silky texture and makes her look sexy and gorgeous. She often likes to play with different hairstyles on her beautiful hair. She looks flattering in straight, wavy, curly or a plaited hairstyle. Shruti loves to plait her hair into a one-sided attractive wavy hair, and sometimes transform her looks into traditional or semi-traditional style. She looks elegant in bun hairstyles too. Sparkling eyes, flawless skin, fresh styles make Shruti a trendsetter with her stunning looks. So to get you inspired to get your hair done, finally, we have carefully selected these fabulous hairstyles just for you. Checkout Shruti Kamal Hassan's gorgeous hairstyles or pretty pixie cut listed below! Never think we will be annoyed if you stop reading to call your stylist.

Hairstyles of actress Shruti Hassan that are flawless and perfectly drool-worthy

Shruti Hassan’s Voluminous feather Curls:

Another great way to add volume and texture to your long hair is to get the fabulous and fun, feather hairstyle curls. It adds a lot of layers and wispy ends to your hair from the front to the back while also keeping your hair length intact. It’s a ‘my hair but better’ look you need to try if you are bored with your straight and dull hair.
Shruti Hassan’s Voluminous feather Curls

Deep Side Part With Curls:

Channel the fragile nature of the main fairy-tale women with this mystical hairstyle. Perfect for elegant events or combined with a beautiful coat on a winter day, this style works perfectly for any length of hair. Unless you were born with natural, rotating curls, some work would be needed to create this look. Depending on the length of your hair, reserve the time necessary to do magic with a curling iron, creating tight and romantic curls.
Deep Side Part With Curls

Classic Chic Curly Bob:

Classic Chic Curly Bob is a perfect and easy two-minute hairstyle for all lazy girls with curls. Maybe you don’t have the time (because you overslept) or perhaps you don’t feel like making heavy braids or bun. Brush your hair down, covering your forehead at the centre. Twist a small section from each side, then let loose of the gorgeous curls.
Shruti Haasan Classic Chic Curly Bob

Shruti Haasan Fabulous Sleek Straight Hairstyle:

Whenever you’re in doubt and don’t know how to style your hair, throw it in a fabulous sleek straight hairstyle, and you’re good to go. From brunch and date nights, this is one hairstyle that always seems to work.
Shruti Haasan Fabulous Sleek Straight Hairstyle

Shruti Haasan High Ponytail With Puff:

Here is an opportunity for you to Adopt the persona of an island cruising, private jet flying, red carpet walking bombshell with a High Ponytail With Puff. Whether you have long hair or a short one, then this style is a head-turner. You’re probably developing a bang, realigning your bangs or going to the hairdresser specifically for this look, a little spray, and a little confidence is all it takes to appear 10/10.
Shruti Haasan High Ponytail With Puff

Shruti Haasan Ponytail Hairstyle:

If you thought Shruti Hassan’s high ponytail is only for a poker straight mane, think again. A high ponytail looks equally (or maybe even more) gorgeous on curly hair and here’s proof. Copy this look in a tick by flipping your hair upside down and making a ponytail on the crown. Remember using a hairbrush to keep hair arranged and neat.
Shruti Haasan Ponytail Hairstyle

Beautiful Layer Cut Hairstyle:

That is what we would call a perfect Diva to look! This hairstyle is ideal if you have soft fluffy curls to dangle off your shoulders. She seemed to have given her hair a tapering cut, and that lend more volume and bounce to those curls.
Beautiful Layer Cut Hairstyle

Shruti Long Straight Hairstyle:

Up the glam, quotient with a Long Straight hairstyle. The style consists of a middle part with bobby pins on either side, leading to a ponytail full of volume. Uber feminine, this hairdo showcases your natural texture and goes perfectly well with a printed dress.
Shruti Long Straight Hairstyle

Layered Crown Hairstyle with Curly End:

For a charming variation on the classic Layered Crown hairstyle with Curly end, create a deep middle part before you begin brushing the crown in line with the central region. Doing this will help you add texture and volume to this enchanting look. To capture the hearts of passersby, ensure the curls are loosely woven slightly. 
Layered Crown Hairstyle with Curly End

Long  Voluminous Sleek hair with curly End:

If you’re going to the salon to experiment with a Long Voluminous Sleek hair with a curly end, draw attention to your new hairstyle by incorporating a deep side part, then adding curls to the End of the lengthy hair. Doing this will help emphasize the combined shape and volume created by the hair on the alternate, wider side of your new part. As an additional feature, a black mini gown will go well this Long Voluminous Sleek hair with curly End. Why not give it a try!
Long  Voluminous Sleek hair with curly End

Shruti Haasan Long Layered Hairstyle:

Increase the volume to the maximum with this captivating and impressive style, get some structured layers in your hair to increase the volume and improve its appearance. Bonus? You still manage to keep the length of your hair desirable, and almost all hair goes well with this hairstyle. If you have long curly hair, it is perfect for you, since the layers will give texture to your hair and make it seem voluminous.
Shruti Haasan Long Layered Hairstyle

Shruti Haasan Long Choppy Hairstyle:

Choppy layers with chunky, tapered ends are the most coveted and hip haircut of the 90s that made a comeback and how. It gave the illusion of thicker and fuller hair at the top and narrowed and more beautiful layers at the bottom. Might we add that it is a great haircut idea for girls with flat and beautiful hair? It adds volume around your face, and the length is almost the same (long AF).
Shruti Haasan Long Choppy Hairstyle

Long Sleek Hair with Big Braids:

A long sleek hair with braids has got to be the go-to hairstyle for every long-haired girl. It keeps your hair well-behaved, tangle-free, and well, how fabulous does the sleek and braid hair look with all that volume you got? Try this long sleek hair with braids that is quick and gorgeous. 
Long Sleek Hair with Big Braids

Sleek Middle Part Hair With Curls:

The perfect sleek girl is what you can see here. Here she split her beautiful straight, smooth hair in half and lit her hair with a motley band. It goes well with her new one-sided summer dress with only one shoulder. This elegant hairstyle is a way to immediately draw attention to the face, highlighting the sharp cheekbones and wide eyes. Add a unique element to this look by brushing your hair.
Sleek Middle Part Hair With Curls

Shruti Haasan Curly Hairstyle:

Are you going for a shopping spree, brunch or casual date? Split your long curls into two sides with a middle part. It will look voluminous and textured, thanks to your fuller-looking hair. The wavy fringe falling on both sides of the face is what we are gushing over. Secure with a beautiful pink or white headband. 
Shruti Haasan Curly Hairstyle

Shruti Haasan Space Buns:

The art does not belong only to a gallery, and with this unique style, you will have photographers assembling to take your picture. Your search for the perfect casual hairstyle ends here. We love how elegant and casual the space buns look on Shruti when combined with a deep side, and honestly, we are eager to recreate them the next time we go out for lunch with our best friends. Never forget to use a good hairspray to keep the hair firmly held in place.
Shruti Haasan Space Buns

Shruti Kamal Haasan Topknot Hairstyles:

Are you looking for an effortless, relaxed, and casual-looking style? Or are you looking for a hairy and high fashion look? Fortunately for you, the top knot is your two-in-one hairstyle. This sidewalk to catwalk look can match any outfit. It perfectly matches that your I don't care to look for your spring shopping trip. Why not finish your search for an elegant Top Knot hairstyle here! This topknot hairstyle will look fabulous with your evening wear; it will catch people's attention and make them stop and stare. Nothing to hide! We love how the top knot brings out some facial framing threads to add more shape to the face.
Shruti Kamal Haasan Topknot Hairstyles

Sleek Straight Hairs With A Middle Part: 

Hair accessories are having a significant moment, and now is the perfect time to hop onto this bandwagon. We love how the sleek straight and the bejeweled headband is giving Shruti’s a very ethereal look and is taking her outfit to an all-new level.
Sleek Straight Hairs With A Middle Part

Textured Gajra Bun:

Bollywood actresses have proven time and again that the gajra is no more a redundant hair accessory. We love the mid-parted textured bun that has been adorned with a lovely gajra. Looks so stunning, don’t you think?
Textured Gajra Bun

Medium Curls with Base:

Play it meddy with the medium curls with a base hairstyle. Consisting of medium luscious curls and base, this look is for the daring girls. Pair your ‘do with an armless short shining gown that will uplift the entire look, just like our Favorite Shruti did in this picture.
Medium Curls with Base

Curly Bun Hairstyle:

This is the easiest yet the most glamorous curly hairstyle that we have come across. The 80s’ long hair look with will not take you more than, what—a minute? Show off your natural curls for a glam event adding a simple bun to achieve that chic look. 

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And Shruti Kamal Hassan certainly can't stop surprising us. The actress looks impressive in all the hairstyles she wears. The magic of her styles is that they are more suitable for people with long and short hair. We thank Shruti because she has certainly given every woman all the courage she needs to rock her hairdo! Why not share your opinion about this post. Leave a comment in the box below!


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