Koena Mitra Hairstyles

Koena Mitra Hairstyles

Koena Mitra is an Indian actress and model who has appeared in Bollywood movies. She was born on 7 January 1984 to Vishwanath Mitra in Kolkata. She started modeling while at school in 2001, and after that, she has never looked back. She participated in the Bigg Boss season 13 as a contestant, and she is a celebrity loved by many and has a beautiful sense of style from hairstyles to dressing. Here are examples of her hairstyles.

Black Hairstyle With Layers:
This hairstyle will never run out of fashion, and it is sexy and cool. The hair is thicker and firm, and the fringe has cove a better part of the face.

Black Hairstyle With Layers

Long Hairstyle With Waves And Accessories:
The hair is styled to a lower ponytail, and the tail is long with waves. The accessories are well-styled in the middle part. The pose is cool and sexy.
Long Hairstyle With Waves And Accessories

Koena Mitra Messy Long Bob:
This medium bob looks good on Koena Mitra, the hair has layers, and it looks easy to style because there no much to do when you wake up with this kind of hairstyle. You comb and spay a little and boom, and you are good to step out.
Koena Mitra Messy Long Bob

Brunette And Black Hairstyle:
The hairstyle is deep parted at the center to allow the two-color that is blended keenly to be visible. The hair is straight at the roots and has wavy ends.
Brunette And Black Hairstyle

Koena Mitra Long With Waves:
The hair looks thicker and full; like a signature look, the hair has a mid-part. It brings out the balance on both sides.
Koena Mitra Long With Waves

Side Part With Braided Ponytail:
This hairstyle has a sexy vibe, it has a side part, and she looks terrific. The hair is styled to a lower ponytail, and the tail is neatly braided.
Side Part With Braided Ponytail

Koena Mitra Long Straight Hair:
The hairstyle has a deep part at the center, and the hair is black and very straight. She looks so elegant in this hairstyle from what we are used to seeing her. This hairstyle can be rocked on an official event.
Koena Mitra Long Straight Hair

Long, Curly And With a Fringe:
This is a different hairstyle now. The hair is thick, and it has bouncy curls but straight on the roots. It has a side part so that the hair can drop a right fringe that it is over one eye.
Long, Curly And With a Fringe

Medium Hairstyle With Layers:
Who said you cannot rock a medium hairstyle and still look stunning. Koena Mitra rocked this medium black hairstyle very nicely.
Medium Hairstyle With Layers

Long Black Hairstyle With Curls:
This mid-part hairstyle is gorgeous on her, and she has the bindi on the face that goes well with the mid part hairstyle.
Long Black Hairstyle With Curls

Koena Mitra Straight Long Hairstyle:
This hairstyle is a fashion stopper, and I know many women will love to try this hairstyle. It has a mid-part, and she is stunning.
Koena Mitra Straight Long Hairstyle
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Koena Mitra Curly Hairstyle


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