Muthoni Drummer Queen Hairstyles

Muthoni Drummer Queen Hairstyles

Muthoni Drummer Queen Hairstyles

Muthoni Ndonga also known as Muthoni drummer queen or MDQ is Kenya's top rapper. She is known to rock different 'weird' hairstyles that are bold and outstanding. She is daring, and that's why she is no afraid of trying different hairstyles. Here are some of her hairstyles.

Burgundy Colored Yarn Hairstyle:

Burgundy Colored Yarn Hairstyle

This style is unique, and the beads that are used to accessorize the fringe give it an Afro-centric look.  Burgundy Colored Yarn is double twisted to bring out that look.

Faux Locks Made of Yarn Hairstyle:

Faux Locks Made of Yarn Hairstyle

This gorgeous hairstyle has so much creativity put on it. The locks are long for the styling to just perfect.

Mohawk & Treble Clef On The Backside:

Mohawk & Treble Clef On The Backside

This hair cut is just on another level; the treble clef is unique and perfectly done. Mohawk is her signature look and always looks good on her.

Blue Double Twisted With Yarn:

Blue double twisted with yarn

This blue hairstyle is made of twisted yarn; the hairstyle is accessorized with green and orange Ankara twists and some beads on the fringe. Muthoni Drummer Queen loves colorful hairstyles, and they look good on her.

Muthoni Drummer Queen Blue Weave Hairstyle:

Blue Weave Hairstyle

She loves blue; this shiny blue hairstyle makes her face glow and show off her beautiful face. It is just stunning.

Ankara Braids:

Ankara Braids

This unique mix of colors Ankara twists is famous in Africa; the Ankara is waxed and twisted to the desired length.

Muthoni Drummer Queen Soft Dreads:

Muthoni Drummer Queen Soft Dreads Hairstyle

This Burgundy color soft dread is so beautiful, accessorized with Maasai's culture beads to bring the African culture in styling.

Muthoni Drummer Queen Mohawk:

Muthoni Drummer Queen Mohawk

This burgundy color Mohawk is one of her signature looks, and she rocks in it with a shaved head.

Muthoni Drummer Queen Chinese Bangs Haircut:

Muthoni Drummer Queen Chinese Bangs Haircut

This Burgundy Chinese bang gives her a nice but different look from what we are used to seeing her. This look is more official than casual.

Muthoni Drummer Queen Purple Yarn Hair:

Muthoni Drummer Queen Purple Yarn Hair

This hairstyle is unique, and the purple yarn is being bold. She has dressed roughly, but it goes well with the hairstyle.

Muthoni Drummer Queen White braids:

Muthoni Drummer Queen White braids

This white braid styled in a Mohawk style and dropping behind is just beautiful.

Blonde locks Hairstyle:

Blonde locks Hairstyle

This hairstyle is Blonde locks and they are thick and long and both sides of her head is shaved.

Blonde Weave Hairstyle:

Blonde Weave Hairstyle

This blonde color hairstyle is dope, one side of the head is shaved, and she can manipulate it to different styles.


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